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Aunt Jodi

Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin Slam Jon & Kate on CBS

The Gosselins’ business is everyone’s business. Kate’s brother Kevin and his wife, Jodi — who appeared on earlier seasons of the show before Kate kicked them off — showed up at CBS this morning to talk about how horrible the reality show is for the little Gosselin kiddos, and how Jon & Kate don’t care a lick for the safety of their children. (The clip of them starts at 1:25.) They feel they need to “speak out” to “protect” the kids.

Whatever. I smell bitter people looking to recapture the spotlight. These kids are just fine. Does it suck that their parents are getting divorced? Yes. Is it maybe kind of annoying to have the cameras around all the time? Yes. But are the kids fine? Are they fed and clothed and educated and hugged and safe? Yes, yes, yes. Are they waaaaay better off than a whole lot of kids in this country who have no adults who care about them rather than two loving parents, a staff of nannies and an entire film crew looking out for them at all times? Yes. The kids are fine. Shut up, Kevin and Jodi.