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Ashley Tisdale

The Tiz Loves Her Man!


Ashley Tisdale and her latest boyfriend, music video director Scott Speer, were attached at the hip as they walked to her Toluca Lake home this morning.

Ashley Tisdale: “It’s Alright, It’s Okay” Video

IT'S ALRIGHT, IT'S OK official music video

Because when your boyfriend’s cheating on you, the appropriate thing to do is trash his house with your friends and take photos of yourself making out with a random dude and leave them for him to find, because that’s going to make him so sad and he’ll totally miss you and won’t at all think of you as a psychotic bitch who never deserved his loyalty anyway. This is a far better approach than simply walking away with your dignity intact. Great message, Tiz.

Ashley Tisdale Is Single!


For the millions of you out there who follow Ashley Tisdale’s love life with bated breath, you’ll be fascinated to know that she’s officially split from her boyfriend, Jared Murillo. Jared’s a part of a boy band called V Factory, which hasn’t exactly taken off the way they’d hoped, but you can listen to their music here. Trust me, you liked it better when it was called *NSYNC. (God, remember *NSYNC? Was that this decade?) Seriously that site should have a warning like, “Be advised: This content is not suitable for persons over the age of 12.” Where is the government when you need them???

Jared and Ashley met when he was a backup dancer on HSM. When will these girls learn? Also, they should have used whatever they took out of Ashley’s nose to fill this guy’s upper lip.