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Ashley Tisdale

Love It or Leave It: Ashley Tisdale and Her Boots

A photo of Ashley Tisdale

Normally, I love a good pair of boots. Ankle boots, mid-calf, knee-high, even a pair of thigh highs every now and then (Courtney Stodden’s stripper boots don’t count). But these things that are on Ashley Tisdale‘s feet right here? No. No, Ashley. Do those lace up all the way from the toes? What does that even mean?

You want a piece of advice, Ashley? Just go naked. The next time you think these boots are a good idea, just go naked instead. I think you’ll get further in life.

Leah Remini Does Funny or Die (Ashley Tisdale Does, Too, But It’s More ‘Die’ Than ‘Funny’)

Isn’t Leah Remini the greatest? And do we remember her way back in the Saved by the Bell days, when she played Zack’s summer love interest, Stacey Carosi, who was the daughter of the guy who ran the beach club where the gang all stayed? That was just THE LIMIT.

Also, this is as close as I’ve ever gotten to watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Tell me, readers, is this how it really goes? Because if it is … we are gonna have a lot of messed up, entitled, twattish girls down the road, as if we don’t already have enough the way it is.

Is Zac Efron Hooking Up With Ashley Tisdale?

photo of zac efron and ashley tisdale pictures photos on the beach couple alert pics

LOL Nah, dude - Zac Efron only goes for hot, head-giving Victoria’s Secret-esque chicks now that he’s through with Vanessa Hudgens’ beat-ass vadge.

Zac Efron was photographed with his less famous former co-star Ashley Tisdale during girlfriend’s 26th party this past weekend, and aside from the photo as evidence, we have Ashley’s too-excited Tweet for backup:

“So happy zacary made it to my party! He’s my brother/best friend!”

Any by “brother/best friend,” I’m assuming she means that her agent paid him at least a day-and-a-half’s salary for him to make an appearance at her birthday bash, you know?

Happy belated, Ashley! Hope all your dreams come true, girl!

Ashley Tisdale Got Naked for ‘Allure’

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have more in common than just High School Musical. That’s right, they’ve both got nude photos out there, but unlike Vanessa, Ashley’s was released with her permission by Allure.

Normally when stars start having nude photos of themselves published, it’s because they’ve reached rock-bottom and are dying to have their name back in the headlines or because they’ve realized that that’s pretty much all they’re good for. Why Ashley chose to strip down isn’t totally clear to me, but you can feel free to check her out after the jump… Read More

Ashley Tisdale’s New Video

Here’s the thing:  If you work for Disney, and then you grow up, you must do something to distance yourself from The Mouse.  You must either have a quickie wedding in Vegas followed by a marriage that lasts 55 hours, or make a sex tape, or accept a movie role playing a prostitute.  If you’re Ashley Tisdale, it’s all about the slutty music video, complete with sultry camera gazes.

What do we think of her new song, “Crank It Up”?  Overproduced?  Weak vocals?  I’m rocking out to an old Bangles CD right now, so I’m no one to judge.

Green Carpet Fashion at the Teen Choice Awards

Amanda Bynes Hits the Bottle at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

It’s red carpet time! Or, I guess in this case, it’s green carpet time. Young Hollywood turned out in droves for Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards. I don’t know who won what award because I’m not a teen, and it’s not my choice. I chose to watch football. But I do enjoy seeing who wore what to the awards show.

The green carpet was shot outside, in natural light– something for which Beet always cuts celebs a little extra slack. But not me. Because its the same light that all of us have to live every day of our lives in. So when a celeb shows up on the red carpet in natural light that reveals their haggard eye bags and pancake makeup, I feel highly vindicated. Case in point: Amanda Bynes (above). I’m not sure what kinds of bottles she’s been hitting, or how often, but I’m convinced that bottles are definitely being hit.

I’m also convinced that inside Rumer Willis’ gullet is a pelican desperately struggling to swallow a fish.

Britney Spears, on the other hand, looked fabulous. I’ve never been a big fan of her fashion choices, but her dress tonight was sexy with a touch of  class.

Miley Cyrus showed up in an outfit that may have been made up of pieces from her Wal-mart line. I have nothing against Wal-mart, and definitely nothing against Miley, but I’m not so sure that was the best fashion choice for an awards show. Nothing says tacky like a darkly colored bra showing through a wife beater.

Other atendees included Robert Pattinson, looking drugged and disheveled as ever, Kristen Bell in my least favorite celeb fashion trend of the last few years (a jumpsuit), the Jonas Brothers, Fergie, Emma Roberts, Jordin Sparks, Kristen Stewart, Alexis Bledel, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, and Kat Von D.

So who had your favorite look of the evening? Worst?

Ashley Tisdale Gives Barack Obama a Lapdance

I apologize. I built you up with that headline, and I’m only going to disappoint you.

While making a guest appearance on a Spanish talkshow, some freaky unibrow puppets prompt the Tis to give an impromptu lapdance to a Barack Obama impersonator. Aside from some PG-13 titty shaking however, there’s very little “lap” in this lapdance.