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Ashley Olsen

2Tres Chic

Ashley Olsen at Grand Reopening Celebration of the New Museum Co-Hosted by Calvin Klein, Pictures, Photos

Ashley Olsen looks very cozy at the reopening of the New Museum in NYC, co-hosted by Calvin Klein.

November 29, 2007 at 8:08 am by Evil Beet
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24I Can’t Stop Laughing


I guess Lance Armstrong said he was craving marshmallows and a hooker tonight.

Well played, Ashley.

November 16, 2007 at 1:08 pm by Evil Beet
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“Ashley Olsen and I are strictly friends,” says Lance Armstrong to Page Six. “We have hung out amongst other friends, and she strikes me as a nice, smart lady.”

I don’t wanna believe him! I don’t wanna believe him!

However, Sheryl Crow responds to the rumors that she talked shit about Lashley without really denying that the two are a couple: “Lance and I are friends. I have a lot of respect for him and what he does in the world of cancer. What he does in his personal life . . . is none of my business. Nor would I ever comment on it.”

That doesn’t sound quite like a denial that they’re together.

I just don’t know what’s true anymore!

I want a LASHLEY!!!

November 16, 2007 at 9:15 am by Evil Beet

12Sheryl Crow’s Not Such a Big Fan of Lashley


Lance Armstrong’s ex isn’t exactly excited about his new relationship, with 21-year-old Ashley Olsen.

A source reports that, when she was asked about the relationship at a party recently, “Sheryl rolled her eyes and said, ‘That’s pathetic. Ashley’s a kid.’”

I agree, Sheryl!

November 15, 2007 at 9:42 am by Evil Beet

0Where’s Ashley?

Lance Armstrong Runs the New York Marathon, Celebrates at Macy’s Herald Square

Lance Armstrong — who’s been linked to Ashley Olsen in recent days — showed up at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC on Friday in celebration of his second run of the New York Marathon, which will take place on Sunday.

He’s cute.

Cute like an old man is cute.

Ashley is probably in his pocket. Giving him a hand job or something. Must be convenient.

November 3, 2007 at 10:41 am by Evil Beet

2Lashley Watch: Still Going Strong


This is three nights in a row!

Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong were spotted partying at NYC’s The Box on Wednesday night, while “celebrity” chef Rocco DiSpirito couldn’t get in for half an hour. “The doorman kept ignoring him and pretending he wasn’t there. It was actually really sad. He kept watching celeb after celeb being walked in.”

Three nights in a row is a big deal among the Hollywood set, people!

I guess Ashley is convenient for Lance. I mean, he can just hang a basket on his bike and keep her in that.

November 2, 2007 at 9:37 am by Evil Beet
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