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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Went Away Because You Wanted Her To

anne hathaway

The last we heard of Anne Hathaway, she was being rescued from rip tides while away on vacation (which apparently didn’t really happen, despite the pics kinda proving it did?). There’s been a long absence of Hathaway from our lives following her Oscar win last year, and while many have questioned where she’s been, there’s actually a simple answer: she went away because you all hate her, ya big meanies!

From an interview with The Huffington Post:

You were very much part of our lives in 2012, but we didn’t see you much in 2013. I think people miss you.

Hathaway: My impression is that people needed a break from me [laughs].

Oh dear, the laugh!

Listen, Anne Hathaway is annoying and everyone knows it. She was obnoxious when she won her Oscar (though she pretty much deserved it) and she was obnoxious for the entirety of 2012, but she’s a pretty solid actress, you have to admit. Well, sometimes.

I dunno, I feel kinda bad for her in a sense, because it has to suck knowing that so many people don’t like you. Then again, she could just, yknow, change her behaviour if she wants to change people’s opinions. Also, she’s a millionaire and I’m sure she has more important things to worry about than the opinion of a bunch of strangers. Nice try, Anne! At least she’s still rocking that pixie cut… I really like it!

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Anne Hathaway Nearly Drowned to Death

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been cooling her heels, lately – probably writing another Oscar speech for a future win she’s Secret-ing as we speak – and spent some time vacationing in Hawaii lately. However, not all is fine and dandy in Anne’s world, as she nearly drowned in Oahu recently when she got caught in a riptide and had to be rescued by a surfer.

From Radar Online:

Anne Hathaway had a super scary moment in Hawaii, as the Les Miserables beauty encountered serious danger when she was caught in a fierce rip current while swimming on the beach, but thankfully escaped from peril with a mere foot wound.

Onlookers said the 31-year-old divabegan screaming for assistance when the waters turned fierce, at which point a nearby surfer ran to save her.

Anne’s husband, Adam Shulman, was present for the heart-stopping moment and rushed to grab a first-aid kit when his wife was pulled out of the water sporting a scraped-up foot.

The Devil Wears Prada starlet, after averting disaster, seemed to be in better spirits while she recovered on the shore with her hubby, who nursed the hurt foot.

Well, that settles that. I don’t often swim in the ocean, so I can’t say how dangerous riptides are, but that seems nuts that she nearly drowned. How far out was she? For those of you who live in areas like this, is it relatively easy to get into trouble and nearly drown?

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Anne Hathaway Isn’t Pregnant, Everyone!

anne hathaway adam shulman

Anne Hathaway hasn’t really been in the spotlight lately – not that anyone misses her – but in an effort to drum up some press again (does she have a movie coming out or something?), someone started some rumour that she’s pregnant. That someone was her own brother, but apparently it’s not true anyway.

From E! News:

Anne Hathaway is not pregnant, a rep for the actress tells E! News. The rumor stems from the Nov. 18 issue of Star magazine, which claims the Academy Award winner’s brother, Tom, let the news slip while he was performing at a comedy show in Brooklyn.

If the baby rumors were true—and they’re not—it would be the first child for Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, who tied the knot in September 2012.

Well, that’s news we’re all better off knowing about, eh? I mean, after all, the last we’d heard from her, she was busy being a bitch on a flight from LA to NYC. It’s good to see that she’s still alive and kicking, I guess.

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