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Anne Hathaway

Raffaello Follieri Has Noticed That Jail Is Not Fun

Oh, I just love when rich and famous people have to go to jail for, ya know, breaking the law, and then their lawyers come out screaming because it turns out that being stuck in jail is not exactly the same as being stuck at, say, the Waldorf-Astoria.

Raffaello Follieri’s lawyers say the horrid conditions in jail are making him ill, and he’s requesting to transfer to a new prison, preferably the one with a concierge, spa and turn-down service.

Since he was sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison for fraud last month, he has had to contend with rotten food, foul odors and unclean toilets and as result is running a fever and has blood in his urine, according to a letter from his lawyer made available on Wednesday.

“He says that he cannot eat because the food appears to be spoiled and that the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary,” the letter from Flora Edwards said.

“There is excrement in the shower and rats are roaming freely in the area. He says the stench is intolerable,” the letter continued.

Follieri has been held in a windowless dormitory with 120 other men. Edwards requested he be moved to a different jail while awaiting transfer to a prison.

Get over it, con-man. Or can’t you call in some favors from the Vatican?

Anne Hathaway’s Ex Sentenced

Con-man Raffaello Follieri was sentenced today to four-and-a-half years in prison for cheating investors by claiming he had Vatican connections that allowed him to buy Catholic Church property at a discount.

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway’s busy looking gorgeous on red carpets all around the world as she promotes her new film, Rachel Getting Married, which will probably earn her an Emmy nod. Not too shabby, my dear.

Anne Hathaway’s Look: Love It or Leave It?

At the rainy London Film Festival screening of Rachel Getting Married.


Listen, Anne Hathaway should write a book about how to bounce back from a break-up with your federal criminal of a boyfriend. I’d read it. The possible anal aficionado has gone from a vanilla B-lister to a red-hot A-list style icon in a matter of months.

She looked phenomenal at the New York Film Festival screening of The Class on Friday night.

This girl never misses these days.

Rock on, Anne!

Anne Hathaway Loves Anal Sex?

According to a source at Esquire, the upcoming issue features an interview with Anne Hathaway in which she endorses anal sex.

Anne reportedly says that “every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing.” She also (allegedly!) speaks about the significance of the first time and how anal penetration makes her feel feminine in a “very special way.”

Is this true? Did Anne really say this?

I have no idea. Nothing about Anne Hathaway surprises me these days.

But it’s a relatively slow news day, and I don’t think we’ve ever really had an in-depth discussion about anal sex around here, so now seems as good a time as any.

I Love Anne Hathaway More Each Day

From the New York Daily News:

Anne Hathaway kept nipping out for secret cigarettes at the Hollywood Life House at the Toronto Film Festival. A spy says, “Her people don’t want anyone to know she smokes.”

Now, I’m by no means encouraging anyone to smoke (and I am STILL smoke-free, bitches!!!), but I have to admit I’d always kind of viewed Anne as this prissy little princess type, and the more I learn about her, the more I realize that she is definitely flawed and therefore way, way cooler in my eyes.