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Anna Chlumsky

Stars All Growed Up: My Girl, Anna Chlumsky

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Is there a girl in the room who didn’t want to be Anna Chlumsky in the early nineties present? If so, I’m calling you out right now: you’re either a liar, or you have no idea who she is. And if you have no idea who she is, that’s no excuse, either. We live in a modern society of instant f-cking gratification. Get your ass to Blockbuster or Red Box or Netflix or something and FIND My Girl. You’ll get to relive your pre-adolescence all over again, and what’s better than that, huh?

I’ll tell you what’s better: seeing Anna Chlumsky after all of these years, totally looking how Vada Sultenfuss would look if she were a real person. It’s just too bad, now, that Macaulay Culkin is such a drug-addled, porn-star-crack-sniffing freakshow – a pair-up would be pure bliss otherwise.

Anna Chlumsky Prepares to Be Our Girl Once Again


Recognize this face? If you’re over the age of 25, you definitely should. Anna Chlumsky played the precocious Vada Sultenfuss in 1991′s My Girl opposite Macaulay Culkin — you remember, the feel-good childhood-crush-gets-killed-by-bees film of the early ’90s? At the age of 8, I emerged from that film bawling. I was expecting Kevin McCallister and his wacky robber-thwarting antics, and instead what I got was a lifelong traumatic fear of bees. But I also came out idolizing Vada Sultenpuss and, correspondingly, Anna Chlumsky. I’d often wondered where she’d disappeared for during all this time.

Eighteen years later, Anna has two flicks showing at the Tribeca Film Festival — The Good Guy and In the Loop — and she’s as excited about it as I am! “You plug along and you do your work and sometimes a lot of people see what you do,” she said on the red carpet. “I think it’s so special that people know what I do. It all kind of comes together at once in this moment … I would be living under a rock if I thought that people don’t know the movie My Girl and that it didn’t mean something to people. I think that’s been the blessing of growing up and having every fan of mine tell me what it meant to them…And, yeah, people want to know what I’m doing and it kinda gives you a little extra umph when you’re doing your thing.”

During her absence from the big screen, Anna got a degree from the University of Chicago, worked for Zagat, and met her husband, Shaun So. “There are good guys out there,” she says. “There really, really are. You’ve just gotta be open for it. I think that I actually kinda got what I envisioned when I was 10!”

Good to have you back, Vada Sultenpuss!