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Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Still Thinks Angelina’s Sexy

brad pitt angelina jolie

I guess we’re supposed to applaud Brad Pitt for thinking Angelina Jolie is still sexy even after undergoing a double mastectomy (and possibly having her ovaries removed, as well), and indeed it’s wonderful that he’s so ~progressive~ and supportive and they’re still totally into humping on each other despite their busy schedules, their 8,000 kids and having been together for a while. That’s true love, y’all.

I sort of feel bad for Brad, in a sense. He’s been promoting World War Z and all anyone seems to want to ask him on the red carpet is about how Angelina is and how he feels about what she’s done, etc. Indeed, Angelina’s experience and her openness in sharing it is courageous and wonderful and I’m so glad it’s started a dialogue in the wider world. But also, she’s stopped talking about it and declined to give interviews, so what makes people think that Brad feels like giving soundbites on something his wife is done discussing?

Brad was nice enough to humour some journalists on the red carpet for World War Z‘s Los Angeles premiere last Thurdsay, where he said the following (via People):

“She’s getting ready for World Refugee Day” this Thursday, Pitt told reporters on the red carpet, while Jolie was in Los Angeles.

Asked to describe his feelings about Jolie after she publicly announced her decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy, Pitt replied: “She has always been the brave, bold individual that I fell for – and sexy as ever.”

Well, that’s great – and I mean that. But now that’s enough. STOP ASKING THEM ABOUT THIS.

Top 14 Most Hated Celebrity Couples

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are easily one of the most hated celebrity couples ever, right? Radaronline polled a whole mess of people and compiled a list of 14 celebrity couples that people absolutely hate and Kim and Kanye didn’t even make the list! Shocker! These lists are based on pretty much nothing, but they’re so fun; from the most hated celebrities to the ugliest male celebs, I know I like a good stupid list.

I don’t think these are actually in a particular order, in terms of most to least. The first ones on the list are Rihanna and Chris Brown. Who are the rest?Click to find out.

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Debbie Reynolds Tells Jennifer Aniston How It Really Is

debbie reynolds book signing 2013

Jennifer Aniston will be forever linked to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, so I hope she and the soon-to-be Mr. Aniston are okay with that. Even Debbie Reynolds brought up the legendary love triangle in an interview she did with The Sun. She likes the Anison/Pitt/Jolie mess to her own legendary love triangle. From The Sun:

I wish I could have been more enlightened at 18 and learned more about men because I could have avoided all the traps.

My first husband ran off with Elizabeth Taylor. A light suddenly dawned. He was away working in New York and staying at the same hotel as Elizabeth. So I phoned her room — not his.

He picked up the phone so I said: “Eddie, do you mind rolling over and telling Elizabeth I want to talk?”

He started denying it, saying: “Don’t be silly.” Then I heard her say in the background: “Who is it, Eddie, darling?”

I stood no chance against her. I was just like Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt when he fell in love with Angelina Jolie. If Angelina wants someone, then that is that. Certain women have that power. What chance did I have against Elizabeth, a woman of great womanly experience, when I had no experience at all?

… Men cheat in all sorts of ways that I could never have imagined.

Ouch. I get what she’s saying though. But ouch to her and ouch to bringing Jennifer Aniston into it, even though it’s totally the modern day retelling of the Reynolds/Fisher/Taylor mess. Jolie is sooooooo Taylor in so many ways. Just total movie star glam. Oh and Debbie Reynolds also talks about f-cking:

I wish I had enjoyed more sex. I have only ever slept with my three husbands and one friend — and he was my one and only good lover. I was a virgin when I married my first husband, Eddie Fisher, and I was stupid and innocent. You did not get pregnant, you did not screw anyone, you did not have affairs. I was raised to think that if you behaved badly with men, you went to hell. I realize now it is puritanical and not very adult.

What a bummer to live like that.

elizabeth taylor debbie reynolds

(L to R: Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds.)

Brad Pitt Commends Angelina Jolie For Her Heroism

angelina jolie brad pitt

Angelina Jolie was incredibly brave not only to undergo a preventative mastectomy, but also to share that experience publicly in the hopes of inspiring other women to take control of their own health – a notion that hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone, especially not Brad Pitt. The couple attended the London premiere of his new movie World War Z, where he told reporters how proud of his partner he is for her heroism.

From E! Online:

Brad Pitt is not the least surprised that Angelina Jolie has been so public about her double mastectomy.

“That’s who I fell in love with from the very beginning,” he told me tonight at the world premiere of World War Z in London. “The person that you see now is the person that I’ve always known and she’s heroic and incredibly strong and will attack any problem head-on and make it work.”

It also helps to have a great partner like Mr. Pitt by her side.

“Well, I think so I like to think so,” Pitt said with a smile. “We’ll see what she says.”

Again, I used to want to hate these two, but how can you when they’re obviously so good for each other – not to mention great philanthropists? Even I’m not that much of an asshole.

Angelina Jolie Won’t Be Doing Interviews About Her Mastectomy Anytime Soon

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Angelina Jolie stunned the world earlier this month when she revealed in a New York Times editorial that she’d undergone a preventative mastectomy after finding out she has a faulty BCRA1 gene. It was later revealed that she will also have her ovaries removed to eliminate her chances of cancer there, as well. All of this is quite fascinating (and heartbreaking), and since it’s coming from one of the world’s biggest stars, the press has gone crazy trying to secure that exclusive interview with Angelina about everything that’s happened. Well, dream on, guys – she’s not going to talk.

From The New York Post:

Not even Ann Curry could curry favor with Angelina Jolie for an interview with the actress about her voluntary double mastectomy. We hear NBC pushed the network news correspondent to get the first television chat with Jolie, following her shocking announcement last week that she’d had the surgery. But Jolie’s turned down Curry, and every other news outlet, for now. The NBC journalist had a long-standing relationship with Jolie and Brad Pitt, having interviewed them several times. After Curry was fired from the “Today” show last year, Jolie made it known that she wouldn’t speak with anyone else at the network. NBC declined to comment last night.

Leave it to the Post to put an annoying spin even in a single paragraph “story”. Was Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy “voluntary”? Yes, insofar that doctors didn’t force her to undergo the procedure. When you consider that she had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer – which killed her mother at an early age, by the way, dufuses – then it becomes less voluntary and more self-preserving.

In any case, good for Angelina for not doing interviews about it. I don’t think anyone with a working heart or brain could say that she’s done any of this for attention, but choosing to speak out about it as she did initially was so important as it empowered other women who may be in the same position to not only be more proactive in their own health, but also perhaps to feel a sense of, you know, maybe I’m not alone in this. It’s a shame that our culture looks to celebrities for comfort, but it happens, so everyone get over it. It certainly doesn’t need to turn into a media circus, however, and good for Angelina for opting out of doing so.

Brad Pitt Doesn’t Have Any Friends, But He’s Super Happy!!!

brad pitt angelina jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a pretty reclusive couple, when it comes to sharing their private lives both individually and as a pair with the general public. Turns out, they’re sorta same behind-the-scenes, as well. Angelina has said before that she doesn’t have many girlfriends, and it turns out that Brad doesn’t have any friends, either, so basically they just hang out with each other and their kids and it’s a total blast. Kewl beanz.

From Esquire:

“I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven’t known life to be any happier. I’m making things. I just haven’t known life to be any happier.”

“I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house…there’s constant chatter in our house, whether it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I love it. I love it.

“I hate it when they’re gone. I hate it. Maybe it’s nice to be in a hotel room for a day – ‘Oh, nice, I can finally read a paper’. But then, by the next day, I miss that cacophony, all that life.”

Constant chatter? Ugh, sounds like my nightmare, but do you, you two. Live the dream.

In all honesty, y’all know I’m Team Jen for life, but Brangelina make it hard to say shit about them because they seem to have a really loving, successful relationship and they’re damn generous philanthropists, as well, so it kinda makes you the asshole to hate on them, and that just makes you want to dislike them even more, but you can’t. It’s a vicious cycle.

Besides, not having a ton of friends is okay by me. I’d rather hang out with my boo 24/7 than spend 2 hours with 99% of the people I know, so I’m down with that.

Angelina Jolie Update: Will Get Her Ovaries Removed

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie is taking more preventative measures to avoid cancer, of which she is high at risk. Or, was, until she got a double mastectomy. I’m starting to feel weird reporting about all of this. Here’s why. These are all very personal decisions and her body is her business. HOWEVER, she is making it public, and by doing so, is inspiring millions of women and raising awareness about how important it is to get regular screenings for cancer. For women who have had mastectomies, she is an inspiration for coming forward and talking about it, and showing that this surgery doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Yes, I used “inspirational” and “inspiration” very close together, but I really don’t know what else to say. She’s just…damn.

Now she’s about to go another major surgery. From People:

The mother of six is also planning to undergo surgery to remove her ovaries. Because of her “faulty” BRCA1 gene, she still faces a high risk of developing ovarian cancer, which her doctors estimate at 50 percent. Some doctors recommend patients undergo the surgery by age 40 or when a woman is done having children, though it may trigger early menopause.

Yesterday Brad Pitt released his own statement, calling her “heroic.”

Salon posted an article titled “Angelina Jolie’s Most Thrilling Decision: Robbing Her Breasts Of Their Cultural Power” and I’m really not sure what I think or feel about that. The crux of the article is,

From now on, her breasts will no longer be big, firm or “supple.” They won’t even serve as a public symbol of her fertility or of her interest in the task of mothering. Her breasts are now something more matter-of-fact. They are simply dispensable physical objects. She absolutely robbed them of their cultural, symbolic power. And what’s so completely thrilling about this, is that she did it on her own, one single woman — one single decision — against the machine.

I just don’t know how I feel about calling a mastectomy “thrilling.” She didn’t do this to entertain you. What do you think?