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Angelina Jolie

10Angelina Jolie Dishes on Pax, Brad


The always loquacious Angelina Jolie sat down with Reader’s Digest for a face-to-face. As in any real Jolie interview, it’s almost impossible to select a few choice quotes — they’re all great. You can read the full interview here, but here are some highlights.

On whether her pregnancy with Shiloh was intentional:

It was. Before I met Brad, I always said I was happy never to have a child biologically. He told me he hadn’t given up that thought. Then, a few months after Z came home, I saw Brad with her and Mad, and I realized how much he loved them, that a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So I said, “I want to try.”

On Pax:

Pax is almost three and a half and has never made a real decision for himself because everybody does everything in a group in the orphanage. There were all these things he’d never had. The first time I gave him a bath, he was suddenly laughing, out of his mind. He took five baths in one day. We’d be talking and he’d take his clothes off and run into the bathroom.

The first two days, he cried a lot. I hired a translator, and he would explain what was going on. The first night, I slept alone with him. I was expecting him to wake up and scream, but he woke and just stared at me. I handed him a stuffed animal, and we walked around the room pointing at things. By day three, he didn’t want me to put him down. I think he got used to the reality that somebody loves you and that’s what a mommy is.

Rest of the highlights are after the jump.


May 10, 2007 at 11:28 am by Evil Beet
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6We’re Turning on Mama Jolie!


It’s official. The Mama Jolie roller coast has reached its pinnacle and now it must swoop down into darkness. Why says so? Why US Weekly does! Page Six (ty nine) says:

Sources say Us Weekly, Star and other celebrity weeklies are so fed up with getting scooped by People, they’ve turned on Jolie and Brad Pitt with a vengeance.

I agree. Fuck People Mag right in their ear. If I ever see one of those bastards on the street I will be on them like a hurricane of nails and teeth. And elbows. Anywhoo, all of this comes on the fall-out from the notion that Jolie might adopt another kid, this time from Chad. Here’s why:

Jolie herself recently said, “Should you balance the races, so there’s another African person in the house for Zahara, after another Asian person in the house for Mad? We think so.”

Umm… what? No seriously, what does that even mean? Are all African people like each other, and thus relate better to other people who look like them? To me this flies in the face of everything Jolie was trying to do, if Asians now need be purchased in pairs it sort of defeats this whole “one world” theme she’s jockeying for.

I rarely go after Jolie, but that’s a dumb quote. I hope someone made that up.

April 5, 2007 at 8:00 am by Spiteful Lars
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0Give Pax a Chance


We’re on day five of PaxWatch here on the Internets, and we’ve got yet another picture of little Paxy being held by his mom. The two are in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, where they will hopefully obtain Pax’s visa at the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday. Reports indicate that three-year-old Pax is having some trouble adjusting. He was not told that he was being adopted until the actual day that Angie and Madd came to get him — as Celebitchy points out, this is probably standard procedure at an orphanage, so that the kids don’t get their hopes up if the ‘rents flake last-minute — so he’s in an understandable state of shock right now, and doing an awful lot of crying.

Angelina has been very attentive to her new kiddo. According to the AP’s translation of a Vietnamese newspaper, Angie said that she “will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life,” and that “photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I’m very worried about that. I would like to say I’m sorry for bringing this into Pax’s life.” When I first read that quote a couple days ago I didn’t run it, because it didn’t sound at all like something Angelina would say. But now I understand — Angie said it in English, the Vietnamese paper translated it into Vietnamese, and then the AP translated it back into English. She probably said something more along the lines of “I wish you assholes would stop scaring this poor innocent boy that I’m trying to bring into my family,” but, you know, nicer. It got trampled in the translation.

Once the visa process is completed, Angie, Madd and Pax will return to New Orleans to meet up with the rest of the Jolie-Pitt gang.


March 19, 2007 at 1:17 pm by Evil Beet
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100Clan Jolie-Pitt’s New Addition

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have added yet another gorgeous child to their brood. Pham Quang Sang’s (first kid in the pic) adoption was made official today. Maddox and Angelina went to pick up the child who is now named Pax Thien Jolie.

I really feel like Angelina has a sixth sense about these children. Maddox is on his way to be such a cutie and Baby Z is gorgeous. I’m so excited for the new family photos.

I find it a bit weird that they have joked about “adopting enough kids for a soccer team” but if they have the money and the love it is amazing that these kids will have a loving home.

March 15, 2007 at 6:21 am by EvilT

56Angelina Grabs Her Latest Child From Vietnamese Drive-Thru Window


Angelina Jolie and Maddox arrived in Vietnam last week to finalize the adoption of the three-year-old boy she is adopting from the country. The formalities should be completed by this weekend, when Jolie will be able to take the little boy back to New Orleans to meet his daddy and two sisters. The boy, whose name has not been released, was brought to an orphanage as a baby after he was found abandoned at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital, and city officials were not able to locate his parents to have them sign off on the adoption.

The young boy reportedly enjoys soccer and gets along well with the other kids at the center. Angelina’s adopting the kid as a single parent, because Vietnamese law doesn’t allow unmarried couples to adopt children (but single parents? That’s a-okay! I figure this has something to do with human-trafficking prevention, but I don’t see how … anyone know?).

You know, I like to say mean things about Angelina because she totally stole Jennifer Aniston’s husband, but I have to admit that she’s probably a really good person. This is not to say that this country — and this world — is not already full of big-hearted people who adopt orphans from third-world countries to offer them a better life, but it’s cool that Angelina is setting such a high-profile example.

March 14, 2007 at 11:37 am by Evil Beet
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3Late-Night Links

Angelina Jolie may have barely escaped a supposed third-world plot to kidnap her and extort a ransom while working as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, but she’ll never escape the consequent positive publicity. Poor dear. [The Blemish]

Students at Oprah’s free South African boarding school are faced with the difficult choice between rape and junk food. I know, I know. It seems like a no-brainer. But think about Milk Duds, people. [IBBB]

Thank God Paris Hilton’s nipples are visible in this outfit. It means you don’t have to think too much about the skirt. [Yeeeah]

I am obsessed with this Claire Danes/Patrick Wilson GAP commercial, and now I want to buy Boyfriend Trousers. I am so easily brainwashed by a cute commercial. [popbytes]

Paris Hilton’s record label plans to drop her. Paris Hilton had a record label? Oh, yeah, right. Back when she was a “singer.” [Buzznet]

Sienna Miller is drunk, if you can believe that. [Gossip or Truth]

Awww … Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is making her acting debut in Papa Pitt’s latest film. This is great. She’s not going to turn out like the Olsen twins at all. No way. [Cele|bitchy]

Sweet Jesus, Suri Cruise only has four fingers. Like, seriously, the kid is missing an entire finger. This is what happens, people, when you create a baby from the 20-year-old frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard. Four fingers. [POTP]

Antonella Barba’s not planning to return to school right away, in order to “strike while the iron’s hot,” which means I can no longer effectively argue that everything Antonella Barba has ever decided to do is stupid. [Ninja Dude]

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