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Angelina Jolie

1Maddox Jolie-Pitt Does His Very Best Mary-Kate Olsen

Angelina Jolie and Maddox at the Lycee Francais in Manhattan

Now that we know where Maddox is going to school, we know where to get great photos of Angie and the eldest of her clan.

The Ultimate Mommy picked up little Maddox from the Lycee Francais in Manhattan’s upper east side yesterday, and cameras were there to capture the action.

Look at little Maddox shielding his face from the camera. He’s an old pro already!

angie_mad.jpg angie_mad2.jpg

September 7, 2007 at 10:15 am by Evil Beet

3Still Being a Good Mommy

Angelina Jolie with Son Maddox in Chicago at Borders Bookstore, Pictures, Photos

After taking little Zahara to a toy store last week, Angelina Jolie put in some quality time with 6-year-old Maddox yesterday, taking him to the Borders in Chicago. Look at her go — teaching the tot the importance of books!! Angelina certainly knows how to score good publicity. Expect a one-on-one outing with Pax later this week, probably to some manner of museum.

Angelina Jolie with Son Maddox in Chicago at Borders Bookstore, Pictures, Photos Angelina Jolie with Son Maddox in Chicago at Borders Bookstore, Pictures, Photos Angelina Jolie with Son Maddox in Chicago at Borders Bookstore, Pictures, Photos Angelina Jolie with Son Maddox in Chicago at Borders Bookstore, Pictures, Photos

August 13, 2007 at 1:11 pm by Evil Beet

7Being a Good Mommy

Angelina and Zahara at Timeless Toys in Chicago

Angelina’s busy filming Wanted in Chicago, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting in some quality time with the kiddos. Angie took little Zahara to Timeless Toys in The Windy City on Thursday.

Angelina and Zahara at Timeless Toys in Chicago Angelina and Zahara at Timeless Toys in Chicago

August 9, 2007 at 11:26 am by Evil Beet
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11Angelina Jolie Shocked That More Americans Don’t Want to Relive the Daniel Pearl Murder

According to Us Weekly (which, to be fair, kind of hates Angelina Jolie because she gives all her exclusives to People), Angelina’s really upset that A Mighty Heart didn’t do as well as she thought it would. The film has brought in a measly $9M at the box office, which is, like, even worse than a Lindsay Lohan flick.

“She poured her heart into the story and can’t believe people don’t understand how important it is,” says an inside source.

To get away from it all, Jolie and her family have retreated to a $13,818-a-week rental manor in France. Rough life.

Now to get on my soapbox for a minute: I don’t understand why people are making these movies. I don’t understand A Mighty Heart. I don’t understand United 93. And I don’t understand World Trade Center. I don’t understand why anyone would want to go see these movies or why the studios think they do. Yes, they are important stories. I know how important these stories are because they happened less than six years ago and I lived through them actually happening. I don’t need to pay $10 at a movie theater to be reminded of just how fucking depressed I was about all this shit the first time it happened. Which was, you know, six fucking years ago. I remember, trust me. If I’m paying to see a movie, it’s because I want to be removed from my reality. Americans see movies to escape. You don’t necessarily have to make me laugh, but do something that takes me away from the world in which I currently live. Don’t bombard me with the most devastatingly tragic aspects of my current existence. If that’s what I wanted, I’d go see a fucking therapist. Sheesh.

July 26, 2007 at 2:47 pm by Evil Beet
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42Is Angelina Jolie Back on the Smack?

Angelina Jolie on Heroin Smack Ted Casablancas Drugs Picture

Well, if anyone should be shooting up heroin, it’s probably Angelina Jolie, because Lord knows she has thick enough veins. The Skid Row crew is super jealous.

Anyway, we’ve heard talk over the past few months of Angie’s rapid weight loss and her atypically rude behavior toward reporters, but people have seemed generally to attribute it to the stress of coping with her mother’s death. Now, Ted Casablancas tells a different story in this thinly veiled blind item:

Some people love Fake-à-la Ferocity…the rest live to hate her. This do-it-all diva, known to dabble in everything from fab sex to fabber shoes, has her hand in purty much everything these days. Endorsements. Charitable endeavors. Entertainment projects. You name it. And all the wowin’ while, Fake-à-la manages to look super-duper delish in the process. Well, she used to, at least.

Lately, F2′s once enviable bod has changed for the worse. And her hunky man isn’t the only person concerned about the once divinely gifted babe. Nope, now a very few inside Industry types are also concerned ’bout our gal Fakey.

See, F.F. has enjoyed a fairly good reputation in the media and rags…until recently. She’s known for being accessible, candid and honest. How very friggin’ heretical here in lip-cemented T-town!

Apparently, Ms. Ef’s hiding one helluva secret. And I’m the bitch to fill ya in on what, exactly, it is that has those select few Hollywood movers ‘n’ shakers so shaking in their Prada wear, regarding Fakey. She’s got what’s known as…a heroin habit.

Well, she’s hardly the first dame in this drug-infested enclave to fall down that slippery alley, right? It’s just, uh, so damn rich to find this out, knowing how utterly benevolent our do-goodin’ broad happens to be as of late.

Gosh, wonder how long before everyone finds out what’s really behind Fake-à-la’s rapidly withering figure? It’ll be “Paris who?” should that happen, trust.

Could it be true? Angelina Jolie on heroin? I don’t know if I buy this, but far be it from me to argue with Ted Casablancas …

June 22, 2007 at 1:52 pm by Evil Beet

116Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is the Cutest Child Ever

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Angelina Photo

With all due respect to the other babies: you lose. Shiloh is the cutest baby ever.

In NYC with Mommy and Maddox on Saturday.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Baby Photos Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Picture with Angelina Jolie in New York Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with Angelina and Brother Maddox Photos Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with Mom Angelina and Brother Maddox in NYC Pictures

June 17, 2007 at 2:13 am by Evil Beet