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Angelina Jolie

Angelina and Brad Pitt Continue to Save the World, One Multi-Million Dollar Donation at a Time

Brangie’s Jolie-Pitt Foundation has made a $2 million donation to the Global Health Committee to establish a center to aid children affected by tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, which they’re going to name after Zahara, having already named a Cambodian health clinic after Maddox.

“Our goal is to transfer the success we have had in Cambodia to Ethiopia where people are needlessly dying of tuberculosis, a curable disease, and HIV/AIDS, a treatable disease,” Angelina said in a statement.

“It is our hope when Zahara is older she will take responsibility of the clinic and continue its mission,” Brad said in a statement.


And it is my hope that Zahara will turn it into her own personal crack den, occasionally ranting into a video camera about accidentally killing small animals and her thoughts on sado-masochistic sex.

But we have different long-term goals.

“The Changeling” Trailer

Look! It’s Angelina Jolie! Sad and furious and screaming about the gross institutional mishandling of a kidnapping case!

It’s nice to see her exploring new material.

In general, I like movies where it’s raining and it’s the ’20s, but I think they’re just teasing me with the rain in the trailer. There probably won’t be that much rain in the actual movie. So I’ll probably skip this one.

The Full Jolie-Pitt Clan People Magazine Spread!

It’s here! It’s here!

I finally tracked down the Special! Double! Issue! of People magazine, with Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, along with the rest of the clan.

How freakishly adorable is this whole clan? Even Pax is turning into a hottie. I swear, Angelina has a sixth sense for choosing babies who will grow up to be stunningly gorgeous.

All the shots from the mag are after the jump.


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The Tax Advantages to the Brangelina Baby Pics

I hadn’t thought about this before.

Fox News reports that the money Hello! and People magazines paid for the Knox and Vivi pics — between $10 and $15M, depending on whom you believe — will actually go directly to charity. Not first to Brad and Angie, and then to charity, but directly to the Jolie Pitt Foundation.

This means that the money is actually a tax write-off for these magazines.

Which means that, after you consider the tax implications, what they really paid for the pics is considerably less.

I’m just saying.

Thirty Pages of Brangie Babies!

I cannot remember the last time I bought an issue of People magazine when I wasn’t about to board a flight. I will, however, be rushing to my local newsstand on Monday to purchase a copy of the magazine, which will reportedly contain thirty pages of photos of the new Brangelina babies.

Some initial photos will be on People’s website on Sunday, at 7 pm EST, but goddammit I want to thumb through all thirty pages. I want to see those fucking twins in every pose imaginable. And for $14M (the reported price), they sure as shit better have photos of those babies playing with puppies. Like, really little puppies. I am calling the Better Business Bureau if there are no puppies in this spread.

Oh and you wanna know what’s extra exciting, guys???

I bought a printer/fax machine a couple weeks ago, and it turns out that the damn thing has a scanner! I learned that when my friend was staying with me earlier in the week, and I slept in until 10 am, and when I woke up she was sitting at my computer in the living room and I was like “What are you doing?” and she was like “Oh just scanning in a few documents that I need,” and I was like, “How?” and she was like, “Um, using the scanner sitting right here?” So I have a scanner! So you know what? I’m gonna scan ALL THIRTY PAGES OF THIS SHIT for you guys. And then I’m going to get a cease and desist from expensive lawyers and then I’m going to take it down. So save them to your computer while you can. Remember: check here on Monday!!!

People Magazine Gets First Pics of Brangelina Babies

Is is possible that, for once, OK! magazine didn’t get the baby photos?

It appears People magazine has come out on top in the bidding war for the Brangelina twin photos. People will pay between $10-15M for the photos (the exact figure has not been released). Brad & Angie will, of course, donate the cash to charity.

Normally I don’t give a crap about celebrity baby photos — because all babies just look like babies to me — but for some reason I’m really excited to see these photos. I want to see if the babies have wings and halos. I betcha they do. If not, they can at least levitate. I’m certain of that.