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Angela Kinsey

New Mom Angela Kinsey Splits from Hubby



Families are just splitting up left and right these days. Thank goodness I have no husband to take Leo and the cats away from me! Those bitches are STUCK HERE.

Office star Angela Kinsey — whom I love for representing the crazy cat lady demographic — is splitting from her husband, writer Warren Lieberstein, just eight months after she gave birth to their child.

“Angela and Warren are taking some time apart to figure out what is best for [daughter] Isabel and for their relationship,” says her rep. The rep adds that the separation is amicable, saying, “They continue to be friends and spend time together with their daughter.”

So sad!!!

The Office Will Be Hiding Angela Kinsey’s Pregnancy


Remember how we were talking about how The Office might manage to work Angela Kinsey’s pregnancy into the show?

They won’t be, it turns out.

They’ll be hiding her behind copiers and other such office equipment.

Greg Daniels, the show’s head writer, suggests that “it’s going to be a good drinking game to see how many times” Kinsey appears with her midsection hidden.

Get on that one, kids!

Everyone’s Pregnant! Congrats to Angela Kinsey from The Office!

Angela Kinsey from The Office Is Pregnant

I wonder how they’re going to handle this on the show. If Angela’s pregnant, who’s the father? Dwight? Andy? Will it even matter, due to the writers’ strike? Perfect timing, Ang!

“She and her husband are very excited,” the 36-year-old’s rep confirms to

The actress is due in May.

Kinsey, who plays uptight Angela Martin on the NBC show, and her husband, TV writer Warren Lieberstein, don’t know the sex yet.

A source tells Us, “She’s been trying for a long time.”