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Anderson Cooper

Now This Would Be A Cute Couple!



I want you to know that it was really difficult for me to decide who was going to be on bottom; neither Tim or Anderson really seem like a top to me.

OK! magazine reports that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are e-mail buddies and have been trying to set up a date.  Okay, a lunch, but still.  “We’ve actually been trying to have lunch for a year and a half,”  Tim said.  “Both of us are so busy that we haven’t been successful doing it, but we exchange e-mails.”  Hey, my marriage came to be from an innocent email!

In regards to Cooper’s most attractive qualities, Gunn said, “His brains, looks, style.  He’s fabulous!”

I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for Anderson to come out so he and Gunn can fall in love, start adopting Asian babies with names like Daisy and Parker and decorating nurseries right out of the Posh Tot catalog.  I know, I’m ahead of myself.  I was never any good at taking things slow.

Did He Just?…

So I am not one to get all hot and bothered over “is he or isn’t he gay” Perez Hilton style but I am quite intrigued by the case of Anderson Cooper. He is gay without really being out but still leads a lifestyle that isn’t super closeted in New York. My hair guy…who I trust fully…knows his boyfriend and made a passing comment about how he sometimes worries when Anderson goes off to cover wars, disasters etc… How cute is that?

I think it is a joke that Anderson really plays on everyone. Sort of a “obviously I’m gay but I’m not going to placate you by saying anything.” Perez, however, came up with quite the little video here.

If you watch it to the end see how Anderson reacts when the female anchor makes an innuendo that her husband would be jealous of the two. It is classic to see her reaction as all of Anderson’s colleagues know about his lifestyle.

Still, in the hope for me that lingers, if you are straight Anderson, I love travel…long walks on the beach and fuzzy white dogs. Call me.