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Anderson Cooper

6Caption This: Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

A photo of Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

Image via Gawker

This is a picture of the beautiful Anderson Cooper interviewing that zany Lady Gaga in London.  I love how Lady Gaga looks like she’s schooling Anderson Cooper, like Anderson’s all “ok, but listen, you can see your damn underwear, girl, and your glasses and your shoes are just damn stupid.  It’s chilly out here.  There’s something to be said for practicality, girl, that’s all I’m saying,” and Lady Gaga is like “no, YOU listen to ME, Anderson, are you wearing a sweater vest under there?  Lame as fuck.”

On a similar note, I have never heard anyone express anything less than complete reverence for Anderson Cooper’s beauty.  That’s universal, right?  Please don’t break my illusions this time, you guys.

October 24, 2010 at 1:47 pm by Emily

46Anderson Cooper is Amazing

You may have caught this extremely emotional clip by now, but it’s absolutely deserving of it’s own post. Yesterday in Haiti, where thousands of People are currently without food and shelter due to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country last week, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper made headlines for his bravery. A store was being looted and things quickly escalated in to violence. Anderson saw a young boy get hit with something causing massive amounts of bleeding, and ran over to aid him. When the video picks up (and this is very difficult to watch, so let me warn you of that before you click), Anderson is dragging the boy over to a safer area. The two stand there stunned for a moment. Anderson was clearly acting on impulse when he saved the boy from harm’s way, and the boy… well, it’s quite clear why he’s confused. Anderson keeps it together and proceeds to comfort the boy while looking around for help and ultimately walking him away from the cameras.

What will get you about this video, if it’s not the general sadness of the situation, is when you recognize the panic in Anderson’s face. His gut clearly took over and helped him do the right thing. When he realized what was going on, the intensity of the situation seemed the blow him away and you can see that in his face and hear it in his voice. It truly is amazing how most humans have the instinctual desire to help other human’s survive. Seeing video like this reminds you that you may not have the cash to donate or the time to take off work to help in Haiti, but if what’s going on down there was happening in front of your face, you’d have no choice but to help.

January 19, 2010 at 9:17 am by Molls
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7Kathy Griffin Ushers in the New Year by Cussing

She wasn’t about to let her live television appearance scoot by without causing some controversy! For the second year in a row, Kathy Griffin brought us all into another annum with vulgarity. During a CNN shoot with Anderson Cooper, she opted to pronounce Balloon Boy Falcon Heane’s name as “Fuckin.” It’s at around the 0:55 mark in this clip. Anderson Cooper just mutters “you’re terrible” and moves on.

The network said in a statement Friday that it “regrets that profanity was used during our New Year’s Eve coverage.”

As for Kathy? This is her statement: “Like every other serious reporter covering the now infamous balloon boy hoax, I struggled to pronounce his name ‘Falcon’ correctly and have gotten a kick out of how many ways I’ve heard it pronounced by other serious reporters. Just add me to that list and happy new year!”

You gotta hand it to this woman, she knows how to stay relevant. She’s like Paris Hilton but with a talent.

My friends and I ushered in the new year with fondue and a house party. Of course, I took lots of pics and made a little video. You can check them all out on my personal blog if you’d like.

January 1, 2010 at 9:42 pm by Evil Beet

29Now This Would Be A Cute Couple!



I want you to know that it was really difficult for me to decide who was going to be on bottom; neither Tim or Anderson really seem like a top to me.

OK! magazine reports that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are e-mail buddies and have been trying to set up a date.  Okay, a lunch, but still.  “We’ve actually been trying to have lunch for a year and a half,”  Tim said.  “Both of us are so busy that we haven’t been successful doing it, but we exchange e-mails.”  Hey, my marriage came to be from an innocent email!

In regards to Cooper’s most attractive qualities, Gunn said, “His brains, looks, style.  He’s fabulous!”

I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for Anderson to come out so he and Gunn can fall in love, start adopting Asian babies with names like Daisy and Parker and decorating nurseries right out of the Posh Tot catalog.  I know, I’m ahead of myself.  I was never any good at taking things slow.

March 12, 2009 at 9:51 am by Wendie

13We’re Still on the Air, Kathy

Stay tuned until the very end.

Thanks Matthew!

January 1, 2009 at 9:42 am by Evil Beet

8Did He Just?…

So I am not one to get all hot and bothered over “is he or isn’t he gay” Perez Hilton style but I am quite intrigued by the case of Anderson Cooper. He is gay without really being out but still leads a lifestyle that isn’t super closeted in New York. My hair guy…who I trust fully…knows his boyfriend and made a passing comment about how he sometimes worries when Anderson goes off to cover wars, disasters etc… How cute is that?

I think it is a joke that Anderson really plays on everyone. Sort of a “obviously I’m gay but I’m not going to placate you by saying anything.” Perez, however, came up with quite the little video here.

If you watch it to the end see how Anderson reacts when the female anchor makes an innuendo that her husband would be jealous of the two. It is classic to see her reaction as all of Anderson’s colleagues know about his lifestyle.

Still, in the hope for me that lingers, if you are straight Anderson, I love travel…long walks on the beach and fuzzy white dogs. Call me.

July 20, 2007 at 11:55 am by EvilT
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