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Will Arnett Is Afraid To Get Back Into The Dating Game

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Will Arnett and Amy Poehler broke the collective heart of the comedy loving world when they ended their nine year marriage late last year, but you know what they say – shit happens. While Amy has been romantically linked to several people since then, Will has kept a relatively low profile, and it seems there’s a good reason for it: he’s scared of dating.

From Details:

DETAILS: How has the dating game changed since you were last out there?
Will Arnett: Well, I’m not officially dating.

DETAILS: Are you afraid to get back out there?
Will Arnett: Yeah, I don’t know what you do. Do you put out an announcement in the trades? I’M DATING! It all seems very scary to me, to be honest. So I’m kind of keeping pretty close counsel right now. Until I . . . yeah.

Aw, bless him. He seems like a nice guy and the comedy world – assuming he wants to stay in his peer group – is massive, so I’m sure he has lots of options. Either way, I’m sure he’ll find a new lady soon.

They Made A Porn Version Of Parks & Recreation

porn parks and rec

Amy Poehler‘s been pornified. Her TV show, Parks & Recreation, was made into its very own porn version called Porks & Recreation. I gotta say, the chick who plays her Leslie Knope character has her voice down, and the guy who plays Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson character is A+.

There’s no comment yet from Poehler or anyone involved on the show. They HAVE to see this. Do you think it can be as good as the Seinfeld porno starring James Deen? Yeah, there was a Seinfeld porno, that happened. Deen played Seinfeld.

Here’s the trailer, with absolutely 0% nudity, porn, or porny language. Still, watch at your own risk.



And here are some photos of Ms. Poehler from the White Horse Correspondents’ Dinner this week. Thankfully Tom Brokaw didn’t have to chase Lohan out of there with a rake, while screaming about his lawn. I (kind of?) like her dress, but not the hair and makeup. Why is it always like that with this chick? If it’s not the dress, it’s the shoes; if it’s not the hair, it’s the dress, and so on and so forth until we all die.

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Amy Poehler Gives Really Great Advice

We’re going to start the weekend with an earnest post, so get ready: Amy Poehler is wonderful. She’s funny, smart and just an all-around lovely human being, which this world sometimes seems like a small miracle, especially in Hollywood. She’s a star who’s earned every single bit of success she has and instead of getting big-headed about it, she does things like start an online web series answering questions from young girls in video form.

Here’s the latest episode, in which Amy talks about the importance of apologising:

I don’t have words for how much I love Amy Poehler, and this series is lovely not just for teenagers, but for adults, as well. We could all take a few notes from her book.

On another note, you may have noticed that Bobby hasn’t been around for the past few days. Unfortunately she’s not working with us anymore, but we’ve got a fantastic writer who will be starting with us on Monday and we hope to keep her around for a long time to come. She’s got all the hot gossip, as well – so hot that she’s using a pen name. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ll be with you again this weekend for whatever nonsense pops up in the news.