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American Idol

24 Cancelled?!

I sure hope, for my own peace of mind, that these rumors aren’t true.

24, starring Kiefer Sutherland, has been one of my favorite shows. Of all time.  And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even watch TV.

Insiders at Fox are claiming that the show’s 10-year run is quickly coming to a close. According to Nielsen,  the show’s ratings have consistently dropped over the past few years and the show’s executives allegedly state that it’s becoming far too expensive to produce with lagging ratings and lack of viewership.

However, whether this is true or not, 24 addicts are sure to be left with a warm and fuzzy feeling — Sutherland, who is also one of the show’s executive producers, has been in talks to implement the long-running television drama for a shot at the silver screen.  Again.

24‘s famed ticking-clock sound effect isn’t reserved only for this show; American Idol canned Paula this past season and now the show’s lifeblood, Simon Cowell, ticks down his last days on Idol, this year,too.  Talks of Howard Stern joining the show haven’t panned out and it seems that the Fox-run American Idol is on the rocks these days more than anything else.

What’s next, cancelling House? Excuse me while I go slit my wrists, Fox.

We Probably Wont Be Seeing Ellen and Howard Together Any Time Soon

There’s been talk that Howard Stern will be joining the panel of judges of American Idol after Simon leaves at the end of this season, but Ellen DeGeneres has spoken out saying that she wants nothing to do with the shock jock. Turns out the feeling is mutual, and Howard said as much to Entertainment Tonight at the Green Zone premiere in New York on Thursday. “Ellen has said she won’t work with me, but quite frankly, after watching her on the stupid show, I gotta tell ya, I won’t work with Ellen. She’s out if I come in,” he said.

Is Ellen leaving after only one season a possibility? As far as I see it, absolutely. It’s common for a celebrity as big as Ellen to step in to a job like that for one year and then peace out when they realize they’re not the star. Take Rosie on The View for example. I still think the combo of Howard and Ellen would be a clashing of the egos so legendary that it will truly be a tragedy if it doesn’t happen, but if the two of them did a switcheroo, I wouldn’t mind that either.


“There’s not a better job on the planet than judging that fucking karaoke contest. It might be possible, we’ll see. They’d have to pay me a ton of dough because I already make a ton of dough.”

- Howard Stern confirming that there is a chance he could take over Simon’s seat at American Idol.

I know Kelly expressed yesterday that she’s not a huge Stern fan, but me? I LOVE Howard and I think that him becoming a judge on American Idol would be one of the best things to happen to television ever. Remember how crazy things got over at The View when Rosie took over for Meredith Vierra? You stick Howard Stern and his ego next to Ellen and her ego and Randy Jackson and whatever entitlement issues he has from being the only original remaining judge, and you’ve got yourself an explosive combo. Oh yeah, and that other chick judge who is invisible to me. She’ll still be there too. I am totally hoping this happens.