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American Idol

AmIdol Recap: Top 6 (Again)

Since the show decided to be total pussies last week and put the American public’s thirst for blood behind African children’s thirst for, well, water, we still have six...


AmIdol Recap: Top 6

Oh. Fuck. Yes. It’s the “very special” episode of American Idol. Ooh, is it the one where Melinda gets a beer spilled on her at the dance and Uncle Jesse thinks...


AmIdol Recap: Top 7

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: it’s country night here on American Idol. Ryan’s dressed for the occasion by wearing — what...


Bitter…Party of One

Who knew that little Paris Bennet was so bitter at losing American Idol. According to TMZ, Paris has evidently decided to support Sanjaya to prove that “American Idol” is a...


An American Idol Sex Tape

Sigh. I hate that I’m writing this story. I put it off for awhile, hoping this story would just flicker out and die, and yet it persists, and so I would be remiss in my duties if I...


Just Gotta Ask

What are the chances Haley poses for Playboy within the next year? I say one billion percent. And honestly, given the choice between 500k for some nudey shots and then fading into obscurity...