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America Ferrera

America Ferrera Got Married, Looked Stunning

I’ve always thought that America Ferrera is outlandishly beautiful. I think she’s consistently gorgeous, and also that she’s way adorable. And that’s why I wanted to share this little wedding photo with you guys, because I thought you might want to see how majestic America looked on her wedding day. Discussion on...

Caption This!

While shooting scenes for the upcoming season of ABC’s (OMG! ABC! We know them!) Ugly Betty, America Ferrera slipped in to a hot dog suit in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood earlier today. What’s odd is that she left what appears to be her I Dream Of Jeanie costume on underneath.

Ugly Betty Put on Hold!

Gasp! What is my mother going to do?! I just pray that Big Bang Theory will continue to put on new episodes, because Ugly Betty is being temporarily shelved by ABC, and I’m really not entirely sure how my mom is going to get through her life without her favorite show. My mom losing Ugly Betty is kind of like taking my Ambien away from me. I...