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America Ferrera

Some Dude Harassed America Ferrera But She’s Okay With it


This is a weird one. America Ferrera went to Cannes and found herself the victim of some creep’s harassment when he basically crawled up and under her gown:


This was her reaction:


Well, now she’s got a different reaction, and she seems to be okay with it. Honestly, she’s acting like it’s not a big deal and she’s taking it all in stride, and maybe it isn’t such a big deal but if that were me, I’d feel violated and pretty pissed off. But here’s what she told Vulture about it, via E!:

I don’t even know what happened! I feel something behind me, and there’s this guy under my dress, and then two guys drag him away!

[Laughing] Of all of the things I prepared myself for, that was not one of them.

If you’d asked me what my first experience at Cannes was going to be, I would not have imagined there would be dragons. I would not have imagined there would be, um, ankle biters on the carpet.

It felt like a crazy weird dream. It was like, I was at Cannes in my dream. I was on the red carpet and Cate Blanchett was next to me, and then some guy jumped under my dress!

The guy was Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk.

As for her “dragons” comment, Ms. Ferrera was there to promote the film How To Train Your Dragon 2.

So weird. The whole thing is so weird and so not okay. But that’s just MY reaction.

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America Ferrera Got Married, Looked Stunning

A photo of America Ferrera

I’ve always thought that America Ferrera is outlandishly beautiful. I think she’s consistently gorgeous, and also that she’s way adorable. And that’s why I wanted to share this little wedding photo with you guys, because I thought you might want to see how majestic America looked on her wedding day.

Discussion on America’s loveliness and/or bridal fashion in general should commence in the comments!

Image courtesy of People