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Alison Brie

Watch This: “Sh—t People DON’T Say in LA”

The “Ish People Say” YouTube trend has finally exploded. Or imploded—I’m not sure which, actually. How can I tell? David Spade is all over it. David Spade. Is all over it.

Oh, also? Watch for Alison Brie (love her) and Tommy Lee. And Kevin Farley, who I did not recognize!

Lolololololololol at “I don’t cry myself to sleep.” The rest of these one-liners are a little too crass to list. (And by the way! Don’t watch this at work!)

Guess the Celebrities: Alison Brie’s Boobs Vs. Joel McHale’s Butt

Photo: Joel McHale with Alison Brie on August 1, 2011 in Los Angeles.

Community star Alison Brie recently tweeted,

Comparing close-up shots of my cleavage and @joelmchale’s butt crack and they’re eerily identical. #buttboobies

Donald Glover posted the uncouth snapshots in question to his Twitter (NSFW) for your—yes, your—perusal. In one photo: Miss Brie’s comely gazoombas; in the other, suspiciously babylike butt-cleavage, belonging to The Soup‘s very own Joel McHale. The similarities are uncanny!

But which is which? Can you solve the puzzle? (This is totally like Highlights for Kids!)

The probably-not-safe-for-work images are after the cut.

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‘Community’ Goes Girl-on-Girl

No, a Britta and Annie hook up is not going down any time soon, but these photos of various cast members of the verge of doin’ it were posted to a Community producer’s Twitter yesterday and they’re pretty funny and definitely sexier than those topless Justin Bieber pics.

Too bad these shots were staged for LOLs. How great would it be if the season ended with a D.Glover/Chevy Chase make out sesh?