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Alicia Sacramone

Cashing In!

She may not be on any Wheaties boxes or signing endorsement deals with credit card companies, but Alicia Sacramone is happy to show up and be herself at … the 24-Hour Fitness in Thousand Oaks.

Dude, I’m sorry, but she’s so much hotter in her gymnastics get-up. She’s uninteresting to me in normal-people clothes — she falls flat somehow. I want her hair in a tight little bun and sparkles all over her face and a cutesy leotard plastered to her body. I like her much better that way.

Look Who’s Sitting Front Row at NY Fashion Week!

It’s total hottie/average gymnast Alicia Sacramone, hanging out with the likes of Leigh Lezark and Jamie-Lynn Sigler at the BCBG Max Azria show.


I like how she’s studying the handouts and the models, like she’s forming very valuable opinions about the clothing, which she will then relay to Anna Wintour, who trusts her above all others.

I kinda think she looks way hotter in her gymnastics uniform/makeup than she does here. In a formal setting, she kind of pales in comparison to girls who were bred to attend this shit. Then again, I’d get a real kick out of watching Leigh Lezark on the uneven bars.

Um, I Have a New Favorite Facebook Group

That is, of course, other than the I ::heart:: Evil Beet group and my own fan page. All of which you should join. Hint hint.

But someone sent along a link to a group entitled Alicia Sacramone Sucks at Gymnastics But I Still Wanna Fuck Her, and that, my friends, really sums up what the Olympics are all about in my mind. And in the minds of most Americans. I have joined the group.

And in the interest of gender parity, I have started my own group. It is called I Don’t Care About Michael Phelps’ Face, I Still Want to Butter His Fly, and I suggest you all join it ASAP, because it is the coolest group on Facebook. Aside from the ones about me.

And one final point of discussion:

Alicia Sacramone: Boob job? Yes or no? If yes, why? If no, how does she have tits?