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Abigail Breslin

What a Cutie!

Abigail Breslin at Glamour Magazine 2007 Women of The Year Awards

Little Abigail Breslin attends the Glamour Magazine 2007 Women of The Year Awards.

I love her little purse!!!

She’s like Dakota Fanning without all the creepy preternatural intelligence. It’s not that she’s not poised and professional — she is — but it’s nice to see a young star who looks and acts like a young star. I just love her.

Movieline Brings the “Fashion”

Seriously. Worst. Outfits. Ever.
Dakota Fanning just makes me want to puke in my mouth. Honey, you are 13…you’ve been raped in a movie stop wearing pale pink like you are Abigail Breslin. Katherine Heigl…I can’t even start to talk about that loud red jacket…you look like you should be on the “Golden Girls.” I don’t know if you got the memo but you are at the Young Hollywood Awards, might be best if you try to look young.

Here are some awful outfits from Movieline’s Hollywood Life 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards.

SNL Sometimes is Funny

I know that this video isn’t new to some of you…but for those that thought the “Dick in the Box” was the only funny thing on SNL in the past few months check out “The Dakota Fanning Show.” I love Amy Poehler, she really rocks my world almost as much as Tina Fey. A little industry secret from the T…they are doing a movie together very soon! Yea!!!!

Amy as Dakota Fanning and Drew Barrymore as Abigail Breslin is just too funny for words. It is rare when SNL makes me laugh out loud so if you haven’t checked this out please do. It is quite funny that while Dakota Fanning tries to push the limits of her acting chops Abigail has taken over as the sweet little girl people like to have appear on their red carpets in party dresses. Ah, youth fades honey, strike while the iron is hot.

It is totally safe for work and funny enough that you could foward this link to your friends and family…then they can find the boobs, va jay jay, and dirty posts from the Beeters on their own…

Dakota Fanning Hates Her

I just read that Abigail Breslin will be taking her stuffed animal Curious George to the Oscars.

A few questions:
1) Does he get a swag bag?
2) Does he get a seat? (If so, shouldn’t some Somali refuge get that instead? I mean really.)
3) If she wins the Oscar® will Dakota Fanning sign up for a transvestite role in a fit of rage?

Okay, I guess she’s just a cute little girl who was in that humour-filled hit movie Little Miss Sunshine. We at the Beet wish her and her Monkey friend all the success in the world.

*Also, I like using British® spellings. Eat it.

**Did you know that the word curio means the exact same thing as curious? This might save you some time in the future.