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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Calls Paparazzi In Church “A Whole New Low”

Cara Delevingne was just trying to get her God on at church when she was followed by paparazzi, who proceeded to take photos of her in the church. So SHE took photos of THEM and posted one on her instagram with the caption,

Paparazzi in church… A whole new level of low.

Here’s the pic, via E Online:


This happened in Florence, Italy, by the way. Some people think the paparazzi are more forgiving in Europe vs. the United States or UK, but I guess not.

So what do you think: should church be off-limits? Or is it like any other place?

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


Miranda Kerr, looking f-cking perfect. Or should I say, Kerrfect? Ha. Ha. HA.

Hey, who’s ready for best and worst celebrity looks of the week?! Everyone? Great! Take a look at some noteworthy looks from this week and then you tell me who wins for:




Here we go!

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Presenting Some Of Cara Delevingne’s Best Looks

cara delevingne mask

Cara Delevingne is being known for more than the girl who turned down Leonardo DiCaprio. Girl is all over the place. Though it’s Miss Kate Upton who is model of the year, one of our readers pointed out that it should maybe have gone to Miss Cara D instead.

So here are some photos of what Delevingne has been up to over the past few days, none of which have to do with boys and their “willies.”

Oh and PS: for super potent nightmares, don’t forget to check out Tyra Banks dressed up as Cara D.

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Cara Delevingne Is Done with Boys and Their “Willies”, Apparently

cara delevingne

I don’t really know much (read: anything) about Cara Delevingne‘s dating life, and I don’t really care to, which is why this story doesn’t really mean anything to me. I mean, I know she and Rita Ora used to pretend they lezzed out together, but we all know she’s straight as a line and dates men. Well, NOT ANYMORE! You see, boys and their love of their willies – that’s penises, for the non-English – has really put a bee in her bonnet and she’s not going to take it anymore.

From Industrie:

“I’m done with boys, they’re so annoying. All they care about is their willies. I want to behave more like a boy.

“I want to be the strong one. People see me being a crazy bitch but I’m the opposite inside.”

Oh dear, sounds like someone recently went through a bad break-up. I’m sure she’ll get right back on the saddle – or the willy, if you will – soon enough.  She just needs to find the right person, I suppose – so long as that person isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, she’s what, 21 or so? Girl, calm down.

Tyra Banks’ Makeup Is A Little Scary

tyra banks as kate moss

Tyra Banks decided to dress up as 3 major supermodels from past, present, and future (or whatever): Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss (that’s supposed to be Tyra as Kate above), and Cara Delevingne. I think she looks great as Cindy Crawford:

tyra banks cindy crawford

But her Cara Delevingne makeup is just frightening:

tyra banks whiteface makeup

Man, Tyra just isn’t good with makeup, is she? Of course she didn’t do it herself. This was all part of a photo project done for Udo Spreitzenbarth for New York Fashion Week. More info is here. Tyra tweeted these photos along with updates like,

Stop by my #NYFW photo tribute to 15 #Supermodels, #Tyra15, 2 see me transformed in2 Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss & more: 

I really wanna see her as Kate Upton, Ms. Model of the Year.

I think Tyra has their essence down but the makeup is so very White Chicks.

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week 8-12

katy perry morning radio show

It’s about time to take a peek at the best and worst celebrity looks of the week. Can Courtney Stodden top her previous appearances? Like this and this? Let’s find out! And we’ll look at some other celebs. But are they really as important?

BEST: Lady Gaga (but in WHICH outfit?)
WORST: Aubrey Plaza
WTF: Click to find out!

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Cara Delevingne Is Immune To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Charms

cara delevingne leonardo dicaprio

Cara Delevingne is right up Leonardo DiCaprio’s street, right? He loves having a harem of supermodels around him at all times, and she’s at the top of the game right now, so it seems like a match made in weird sex heaven. Except, you know, not, since Cara apparently turned down Leo’s advances at the Great Gatsby afterparty in Cannes this week. Oh, snap!

From The Sun:

A source said: “Normally all Leo has to do is look at a girl and they fall at his feet. Though Cara was having none of it.

“He spent the night chasing after her and essentially she blew him out.

“They spoke and he was pretty forward inviting her to a party back at his suite. They swapped numbers but that was it.

“He tried every trick in the book and apparently kept lunging for her but she kept dodging them.

“Everyone is howling at the fact she actually knocked back the biggest actor in the world.

“She thought he was too forward and too old.”

Okay, a few things about this. One, Leo is far from the “biggest actor in the world”. He’s a solid actor, and he’s certainly underrated, but just… no. Second of all, his reps have hit back saying that they never spoke, but then he wouldn’t exactly admit the fact that he got turned down, would he?

Sorry, Leonardo. I know you share your name with a pretty cool Ninja Turtle, but some women are immune to your charms.