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2011 Emmy Awards

Everyone Looked Ridiculous at The Emmys

But really. Gwyneth Paltrow wore a dress with a crop top. That’s the level of ridiculous we’re talking about here. Other such atrocities include Paz de la Huerta’s whole “hot mess” look, Heidi Klum‘s skirt, and Olivia Munn. Go ahead and jump in for some pictures, along with last night’s winners!

Michael Bolton Performs “Jack Sparrow” at the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards

My darling D., I’m sorry we got into a (minor) spat, honey. You said that I was “short” and “abrupt” on the phone last night, and you were probably right. I had a case of the Grumps, particularly because I had cut my leg on the refrigerator (?!) and skinned my hand on a bottle of water (?!?!!). But I was also annoyed...

Emmys Announcements Result in Unnecessary Shock and Awe

Reactions to this year’s Emmy nominations have run the gamut, from surprised delight to shocked indignation, from shocked bemusement to surprised consternation. Everyone is, in a word, dismayed. (Full lists of the 2011 nominees are over here.) Here is a roundup of all the Shock, Delight, and Ire accumulated over the past couple days: The...