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Blind Items: Girls on the Edge and Meddling Moms

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Oh the utter madness of it all. From Blind Gossip:

She’s off her meds, and it’s not good. She has returned to the very behavior that got her into so much trouble in the first place, including the dr*gs and the alcohol and the self-harming.

It’s almost surreal to hear her spout absolute bullsh*t about being healthy and happy and sober when she is exactly the opposite. In fact, just a week ago she was out at some madhouse of a bar, dr*nk off her ass, doing multiple shots and snorting c*ke in the bathroom.

Let’s cut to the chase, and get more direct: Look, we know that you and your friends are reading this. It is absolute madness for you to think that this will end well. You are a beautiful and talented girl, but you ARE going to lose your fans and your career and probably your life if you keep this up.

Remember how upset one of your siblings was when someone picked on them? Do you realize how much more emotionally destroyed they would be if you actually died? You should think about that, because that is exactly where you are heading right now. We don’t care if you lie to people about what your problems are. We don’t care if you pretend that you are going on vacation. Just get yourself back into rehab (or treatment, if it makes you feel better to call it that), and get well. Now.

OK, this one’s just got to be Demi Lovato, right? There’s not many starlets that have gone ass-up in the past year or so that have done the entire rehab/pushing sobriety thing as much as Demi Lovato has, so I think this one’s a no-brainer. But the part about “making fun of a sibling”? Would they be referring to this sibling, Dallas Lovato? Because dude. I’d make fun of her too. Oh, wait. That’s right.

And another:

This hunky A-lister’s mom was the REAL reason he dumped his multitalented but larger-than-life former girlfriend. The studly mama’s boy, who recently started dating a well-respected actress, received a thumbs-up on his new gal from mommy dearest.

My immediate guess would be …

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Well I Guess That Explains the Grey Hair Then

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According to exclusive sources at Radar Online, Kelly Osbourne, sober for almost three years, has come tumbling down from the wagon and is trying to ingest as much alcohol as humanly possible. From Radar:

Kelly is definitely off the wagon again — at least when it comes to drinking,” an insider tells “I’ve seen her out drinking cocktails, beer and champagne numerous times, and I’ve seen her pretty unsteady on her feet too.”

And just this past Sunday, Kelly guzzled cocktails at the Golden Globes after-party and got so wasted (as evidenced by the exclusive photo) that she almost fell over.

“Kelly was so wasted,” an eyewitness who partied with the Fashion Police host tells “At one point she almost fell back and I had to catch her!”

According to the party pal, once Kelly gets alcohol in her system the claws come out in full force and she doesn’t hold back about her constant feuding with Christina Aguilera.

Now wait a damn second. Kelly Osbourne rants about Christina Aguilera when she’s wasted? I mean, is that not way more upsetting than Kelly, herself, falling off the wagon? Honestly, how obsessed with someone do you need to be in order to go on and on about them while you’re under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol? Wow.

Oh, and of course, about that whole non-sobriety thing – wouldn’t that be a shame? And after three whole years, too. Kelly used to be one of the biggest, most pig-est, hottest messes of all time (next to way back when Nicole Richie was the world’s hottest mess) and she’d come so far from those days. She started being cute and quirky instead of brash and braying; contrite and relatively well-spoken instead of lewd and wild. And now we’re being told that it’s back to the basics all over again? Is this whole thing going to come complete with a big alcohol weight-gain, bad skin and Funyuns? Because we all know that unless Kelly’s completely clean in every imaginable way, she looks like a brand-new pile of dog shit, steaming in the winter morning air.

I sure hope these rumors aren’t true, Kels, because you had so much going for you at one point. It’s not cool to end up like your old pal, Amy Winehouse. Haven’t you learned that lesson yet?

Travis Barker Had Some Leaked Nudes, You Know

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Well who knew that Timmy Tattoos here was so well-hung? I, for one, sure didn’t. His exes definitely did, and that makes me wonder why they axed the relationship to begin with – unless it was because, yes, although Travis here is hung like a DONKEY, his shave job is positively pre-pubescent. Of course, I’m strictly talking preference here, and while I don’t like to search extensively through the nest in order to find the bird and the eggs, I’m also definitely not a fan of the thing looking so cold and bare and … I don’t know, generally lonely all of the time. All of that hair is supposed to give a brother some insulation, right? Is that how it’s designed to work?

But hey. I suppose it’s small potatoes to worry about Travis’s cue-ball(s) look – it’s not like I have to sleep with him, or even near him. I have no doubts that there are some women out there (and men, of course) in our audience who actually prefer the whole bare look over the mess-of-wires look, and if that’s the case, kudos to them for having preference one way or the other. One thing is certain, most bare men definitely appear to be a lot bigger when you don’t have to seek the entire tree through the forest.

The photo(s – yes, there a few of them) are after the cut, and I warn you – they are extremely NSFW, and no amount of “OMG quick, scroll up/down/left/right” will save you from the damning realization that your boss knows you’re looking at a very naked, very tattooed man who happens to be very, very hung. ON THE CLOCK. Move over, Chris Brown – your match has arrived.

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