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Blind Item: What Blonde Bombshell Wants to Hook Up With Mitt Romney on the DL?

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Which blonde bombshell celebrity is obsessed with Mitt Romney? Although she has never identified her political beliefs publicly (that we’re aware of), she apparently is in love with the candidate and told friends that if he becomes president, she someday plans on becoming his “Marilyn Monroe.”

Oh my God. Who could this be? Oh so many. What fledgling actress in Hollywood doesn’t have some weird obsession with Marilyn Monroe, jeez?

Could it be Ol’ Flop Lip? She’d definitely f-ck anything with a pulse these days, damn. Or maybe Scarlett Johansson. She definitely strikes me as someone who’d want to bed a politician, but she used to bone Sean Penn. I don’t think she’d go from Sean Penn to a Republican so fast, guys, so we can count her out. Maybe Heidi Montag? She’s about due for some cheesy-ass publicity right about now, yeah? OH! WAIT! SOLVED! COURTNEY STODDEN! SHE LOVES AMERICA AND HAS A HISTORY OF CRUSHING ON REPUBLICANS, TOO!


Anna Paquin: “Yep, Still Liking Women Over Here.”

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Have I mentioned lately how I kind of love Anna Paquin? Because I do, honestly, I do. Ever since she was in the most obscure, most random film in the world, Darkness (show of hands if you’ve seen it; it’s way creepy), I’ve been a huge fan, and YES I KNOW that she’s been in a whole crap-ton of other things that I should admire her for, and I do, but Darkness really made me listen up.

As you all know, Anna’s pregnant with her first child, and she recently sat down with Zooey magazine to discuss her bisexuality and her privacy.

Anna on maintaining mystery about herself:

I don’t know about that. There isn’t a lot of unchartered territory that hasn’t been covered or reported on or noted or observed. … [I'm private] not in some weird recluse way. I think it’s important to have things that are just for you and people that are closest to you. Some people share absolutely everything, but then what do you have left that’s yours? It diminishes what’s really special in your life.

And on “outing” herself for the Give a Damn PSA, and whether or not she regretted it:

Absolutely not. I think it’s a really minor biographical detail. If you’re going to talk about some cause in a way that’s meaningful, you should identify why it means something to you. … I’m sure for some people saying they’re bisexual feels less scary than making a statement that they’re gay. For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up. It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point. For a bisexual, it’s not about gender. That’s not the deciding factor for who they’re attracted to.

Now, a few of you guys posted that you were kind of indifferent on sweet Anna here, and that? Well I just don’t understand that noise. She’s cute, compelling, talented, not at all a cookie-cutter version of modern Hollywood actress, and she’s got a damn brain in her head that she frequently uses for the betterment of humanity. Really, what’s not to like? That she plays a television character by the name of Sookie Stackhouse? Because guys, I think some things can be gotten over if we really, really give it the team effort.


Image courtesy of Zooey Magazine

LeAnn Rimes Definitely Stages Photo Ops, in Case You Happened to Think Maybe Otherwise for Whatever Reason

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From FOX News:

Like clockwork new shots of Rimes frolicking on a new beach in a new bikini appear in celebrities weeklies and web sites.
Here she is in Maui; there she is in Mexico; here she is in Malibu. If there’s a beach, there’s a good likelihood Rimes will be on it in a teeny weeny bikini.

Now some industry insiders are speculating that these pics aren’t paparazzi shots at all, but that Rimes is tipping off the photographers to stage the shots, and maybe even getting a piece of the action for herself.

The most recent pictures of Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian looking picture perfect on a beach in Cabo San Lucas raised the eyebrows of one skeptical photo editor.

“Those photographs came into all the magazines and websites fully captioned and saying, ‘LeeAnn Rimes on a trip to renew her vows.’ There is no vow renewing in those pictures,” the industry insider told us. “There is no way the paps would have known she was doing that unless she specifically told them.”

“Plus the paps just don’t get access like that in Cabo,” the editor added. “They can’t get close enough to the celebrities without permission to get the quality of those photos. They were right next to her. There was no long lens. This was not intrusive in any way. This was a photo shoot.”

Pics like these demonstrate a truth long known in the magazine industry but hidden from consumers—celebrities are often in cahoots with the paparazzi.

“There are many celebrities who do everything possible to stay out of the paparazzi’s range yet many others use these photographers as their one-way ticket into glossy magazines. More behind the scenes deals are brokered between photographers and stars than most people think,” explained Dorothy Cascerceri, Senior Editor and television correspondent for In Touch Weekly magazine. “Sometimes celebs allow photo agencies to license their personal photos and other times they contact photo agencies before leaving the house so shutterbugs can snap them taking a ‘casual afternoon stroll.’ Attention-starved C- and D-listers are most well known for tipping off agencies. The paparazzi are as much puppets to some celebs as they are nuisances to others.”

Insiders said there is a possibility that Rimes is making money off her photos, even though it wouldn’t be big time cash. “We see her in a bikini all the time. There is nothing news worthy about LeAnn Rimes frolicking on the beach so it isn’t a big money shot,” an editor told us.“It is the equivalent of Jennifer Garner walking down the street with a coffee or maybe just a little bit more. I would say they sell to magazines for $1,000 and to websites for $100 a piece.”

But if those pictures are purchased by 10 magazines around the world and a hundred websites, that is still a nice chunk of change. But perhaps more than the money, such shots help to bolster Rimes’ somewhat tarnished brand which took a hit when she first hooked up with Cibrian while he was married to ‘Beverly Hills Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville.

“Her story is defined as being the girl who hooked up with her co-star when they were both married and and she stole this woman’s husband. When you see her frolicking around in the sun it sends the signal this is real relationship just like yours. Maybe it was weird how they got together but now they are just like you,” an editor told us. “There is nothing news worthy about LeeAnn Rimes frolicking on the beach but it is another reminder to anyone who will pay attention that she is happy and skinny and still married.”

Rimes did not respond to our request for comment.

I so believe this. Not only because, YEAH, it’s LeAnn Rimes for crying out loud, but because one of our photo agencies totally loves to try and whack us with these outrageously exorbitant fees for using a lot of craptastic LeAnn Rimes photos and trying to make it legal by calling them “exclusive,” even though there’s f-cking nothing “exclusive” about LeAnn Rimes walking her ass to her car after getting a damn coffee. Exclusive? As in “we’re gonna charge you a grand if you even accidentally LOOK at this photo, let alone use it”? Bitches, please.

Also, LeAnn Rimes is pretty foolish. I mean, what’s going to happen when everybody catches on to the fact that she’s not doing a whole lot of impressing these days, and the fact that she’s only paying people to take her damn picture to get her on websites like our own is just … well it’s sad. And it’s a waste of money, because at the end of the day, no one’s going to be all like, “Damn! Remember LeAnn Rimes? Whatever happened to her?” only to hear the response, “She filed Chapter 7 or 11 or both of them whatever she qualifies for as her own personal business entity ages ago, ’cause she spent all of her money paying to have her picture taken. Word.”

And that’s definitely how I see this panning out.