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Lindsay Lohan Could Go to Jail, Part 843

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

In a truly shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Lindsay Lohan has broken the law. This means that her probation could be revoked, which means that she could go to jail. Again.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Lindsay Lohan lied to cops Friday by telling them she was NOT driving the Porsche that slammed into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway, and as a result she could be prosecuted and her probation could be revoked.

Our sources say, when Lindsay was in the hospital getting checked out after the accident, cops from the Santa Monica Police Dept. paid a visit.  Lindsay told police she was a passenger in the Porsche and her assistant was driving.   But the lie didn’t stick because later Lindsay’s assistant told police Lindsay was behind the wheel.

We’re told police are writing up a report that will include Lindsay’s lie.  It’s a crime to provide false info to a police officer.  In addition, lying to police could trigger a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which means she faces the possibility of jail on 2 fronts.

Several eyewitnesses at the scene tell TMZ, after the crash Lindsay and her assistant both got out of the car on the passenger side, which means Lindsay had to climb over the console.  It appears Lindsay had concocted the lie almost immediately after impact.

Now we know why Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley was rushing to the hospital. She knew police were interviewing her client. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Holley got there a little too late.

Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I wrote a story about how Lindsay could possibly go to jail. It always goes like this: Lindsay does something ridiculous that would send any other person straight to jail, there’s a big fuss about how Lindsay is going to jail, and then Lindsay never goes to jail. And that’s why she does these things, because she never, ever learns.

In other Lindsay news, James, the lovable truck driver that Lindsay hit with her car? He means business. He finally went to a doctor yesterday, two days after the accident, and he got a lawyer. I would say that James is just trying to get some money out of Lindsay, but I don’t know. He seemed genuine in his interview with TMZ, and when I was in a car that got rear-ended, it took me a couple of days to get to a doctor. Like James, I felt fine at first, but then my neck made it very clear that it was not happy. Or who knows, maybe he is just trying to get paid. Could you really blame him?

BREAKING: LeAnn Rimes’ Thighs Are Touching!

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

You know what I always thought was odd? In the past year or so, we’ve all noticed LeAnn Rimes getting thinner and thinner, to the point where it seemed like there was no possible way that she could be healthy. But whenever anyone mentioned that to her, she always came up with one of two excuses: one is that she is healthy, thank you very much, and the other, and this one she’s used multiple times, is that we’re just used to seeing her with baby fat, but now that she’s starting to lose that, she looks thinner. Now, I’m no fancy scientist or anything, but don’t people generally lose their baby fat sometime before they’re 29 years old?

But hey, LeAnn doesn’t have to explain her body to me. But you know what she should explain? Why she’s doing a concert where ticket prices start at $250.

See, LeAnn is doing a big fancy concert at the Salk Institute. It’s for their Concert Under the Stars series, and she’ll be performing with the San Diego Symphony, probably because everyone has always said how great “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” would sound with a full orchestra. It’s for a good cause and everything – all the money raised from the concert goes the institute’s biological research – but $250 for a concert ticket? For a LeAnn Rimes concert ticket? Please. And that’s not even considering that some of the packages are going for $75,000, just in case you wanted to get reserved parking, a table for ten, and a dinner to go with your concert. Because I’m sure oodles of people will jump at that chance.

Oh, and just in case you’re still worried about LeAnn’s thighs, it’s ok: in all the other pictures from that set, her thighs are a good few inches apart. I wouldn’t want you to worry that she’s getting any baby fat back in her thighs. Because that’s a thing.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Got Married This Weekend

A photo of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

From Us Weekly:

Everything’s bigger in Texas — especially celebrity weddings!

Texas native Matthew McConaughey and his love of six years Camila Alves tied the knot in Austin Saturday, the actor’s rep confirms to Us Weekly.

“There were about 100 of his close friends and family there,” one wedding guest tells Us of the “high-end,” campout-themed soiree. “[The ceremony] was very emotional. There was a moment when . . . [Matthew] leaned down and whispered something in [Camila's] ear and you could see a tear coming down her face. Everyone let out a collective sigh.”

Famous attendees at the nuptials included Woody Harrelson and filmmaker Richard Linklater. Following the ceremony, guests were given the option of celebrating all night long, camping out in state-of-the-art tents set up on McConaughey and Alves’ property.

“It’s definitely a campground, but they weren’t exactly roughing it,” one source explained. “They have showers, restrooms, and air conditioning. It’s very unique, high-end camping.”

I’ll admit, at first, I was like “whatever.” I mean, Matthew McConaughey is super attractive, and I do like a lot of his movies, and I’ll watch Camila host Shear Genius all day long, but their relationship just does not excite me. Like, if we were judging anticipation of celebrity weddings on a scale of one to ten, one being the least excited and ten being the most excited, Matthew and Camila’s wedding would have fallen right at one or two (for reference, Brad and Angelina’s wedding is around a five, and Miley’s wedding is undoubtedly a ten). But after hearing about it, it sounds like a pretty damn awesome wedding.

Just in case you don’t have the same picture in your head that I have, Matthew McConaughey’s wedding was like camping for the Quidditch World Cup, and you have the fanciest wizard tent, and Matthew McConaughey walks around shirtless and tipsy, but also Haymitch from Hunger Games is there. Let that sink in for a minute. That would be incredible, wouldn’t it?

I hope Miley’s started her wedding planning already. That’s all I’m going to say.