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Kelly Clarkson Covered Etta James This Past Weekend

But if you were like me, you hardly heard of Etta James and that whole dying thing on Facebook because people were way overwhelmed by the OMGSURPRISE death of Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno, who was eighty-five years old and fighting lung cancer. Totally out of left field, that one was. I almost died, myself, of surprise.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a regional thing (I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and a lot of my friends had gone to Penn State, so naturally, the childhood-friend section of Facebook was blowing all up about it), but it was big. Huge. People were contemplating suicide, saying Joe Paterno was like a grandfather, talking about what kind of “JOEPA TATTOOS” they should get … I kind of wanted to kill myself just listening to everything. I began vowing that anyone who posted anything about Joe Paterno or how Penn State gave him lung cancer and made him eight-five years old and because he was kicked out of the university as head football coach that was why he died, I would start unsubscribing from people. And folks, I did. Big time. I think there’s, like, twenty whole people left on my Facebook that actually show up in my feed, and the rest are websites’ feeds. No joke.

Anyway. Kelly did a show at the Radio City Music Hall this past weekend where she covered Etta’s classic song, ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’. Needless to say, she did an amazing job.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s sad and everything that Joe Paterno passed. But I didn’t know him any more than I knew Etta James. Both are sad. Sad, sad things. Lung cancer and leukemia suck. My thing is that I just think it’s strange what people say about others after they’ve died, and how people are randomly canonized because they were … well, whatever they were.

RIP Etta and Joe.

Demi Lovato Takes a Break from Twitter

photo of demi lovato pictures photos pics hot red hair
Ah, another celebrity trying to stay away from Twitter because they can’t help but sound like an ass each and every time they open their mouth, whee! See, when I think of celebrities saying, “I’m taking a break from Twitter, OMG”, I automatically associate those words with people like Ashton Kutcher and LeAnn Rimes. Who are just two of the celebrities who’ve claimed that they were taking breaks from Twitter, but couldn’t stay away for more than, like, a few days at the most. I didn’t really think Demi would be one to join that club, but here she is, saying that she’s taking a break from Twitter. Dear God.:

photo of demi lovato twitter pictures photos
So, could it be because everyone’s pissed that she’s reconciled her weirdo relationship with Wilmer Valderrama? Could it be because she got called out on the unstable Marilyn Monroe quotes? Is it because no one but me liked her short, cropped wig? Maybe it’s that her boyfriend’s Twitter handle is “WillyVille,” and that’s embarrassing, and yes, I’m hardly joking. Honestly, how embarrassing must it be to be associated with that shit? I mean, guys, he says things on there like “You should of been here.” Did you hear that? I’ll repeat it: “YOU SHOULD OF BEEN HERE.” Doesn’t that make you want to reach through the screen and just throttle the obnoxious little bastard? Isn’t that just the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

All in all, maybe it’s a good thing that Demi’s quitting Twitter, even if it’s a temporary thing. I mean, you’ve got to really lack something in your life in order to honestly miss it, and I think Demi’s Twitter is just one of those things. Give it a few days. We’ll be begging her to come back, maybe.

Stars Without Makeup: Nicole Scherzinger Takes the Obligatory After-Shower TwitPic

photo of twitter nicole scherzinger pictures nudes twitpics photos no makeup photo
The caption?:

“Uhh…Does anyone know how to work this twisty towel thing? Haha!”

Right. Cute. Please don’t get me started on how silly and pretentious it is to pretend there’s a definitive need to take post-shower photos and publish them to social media networks, because it just screams, “I CRAVE ATTENTION”, and when your show has ended for the season and it’s only been off-air for, like, three weeks, it’s really kind of obvious that you’re desperate to stay on people’s minds ’til the show comes back next season. If it’s even renewed, good God.

No, I don’t want to talk about it, because my lazy ass still hasn’t made coffee yet today, and trying to wrap my head around the intentions of C-listers pre-caffeine is just way too much for me to consider just yet.

What I do want to talk about, however, is how you guys feel about X-Factor‘s Nicole Scherzinger’s no-makeup look. You guys had an awful lot to say about her bodacious, curvaceous ass, and now I want to know if the full package is where it’s at. This is Nicole with her customary face-full of sludge:

photo of nicole scherzinger with makeup pics photos pics
And you saw the above photo, where it’s apparent that Nicole’s not got a speck of paste on her face. Personally? I think she looks LOADS better without makeup. Like, she looks so good without makeup in comparison to what she looks like with makeup that maybe she’d be best-advised to never wear makeup again. Really.

Thoughts on Nicole (aside from the whole intended purpose of the picture)?

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