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Star Without Makeup: Dakota Fanning

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Morning, guys! Do you see this picture? This positively fabulous photo? It’s – duh- Dakota Fanning, and she’s got no makeup on. You know, that’s pretty refreshing in itself. You wanna know what else is pretty good, too? That girlfriend hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done, and she actually looks like an innocent young girl who’s all about acting for the art of it and not acting for the publicity and money. Isn’t that so awesome? I know that DF is only eighteen years old, and a lot of people might think it’d be preposterous for someone so young to go under the knife or needle anyway, but there are a lot more young people out there who have done this crap and you wouldn’t even think it.

Also, you know what I watched this past weekend that featured Dakota in it, but I didn’t even realize ’til just, like, a few minutes ago? Sweet Home Alabama. Yeah. I definitely forced my husband to watch it with me, too, and you know, he’s never even seen The Notebook. He boycotted it so many years because he said it seemed like the height of cheesieness, but folks, I’m telling you right now – this man will have watched The Notebook by the end of this year – and especially if I can keep his attention rapt with movies like Sweet Home Alabama (check) and Nights in Rodanthe (check). And today, in anticipation of that sacred event, I’m going to credit this success to Dakota Fanning – just because I’m feeling happy and euphoric and have picked up an even crazier Southern accent from being subjected to two-and-a-half-hours of watching Reese Witherspoon trying to fake her way through it.

This is big, guys. For everyone involved.

Apparently Being a Musician Runs in the Willis Family, Huh?

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Did you guys know that Scout here is in a band thing? Yeah. Its name is Gus + Scout, and they mostly do covers, from what I can see. These photos were taken of Scout (and, of course, Gus) last night at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. I like this girl, you know. Actually, I like all of the Willis girls. They’re all pretty awesome in their own ways. See, Scout here is awesome because she’s got a decent singing voice. Remember the clip she filmed with Ashton back in the day? This?

Also, she’s got that filthy Twitter account. And even if it’s not her, it’s still pretty bad-ass that someone cares enough about her to want to drag her name through the mud with Tweets like “Once my mom dragged me to Cartier when i was hungover so she could get ring cleaned, I threw up all over bathroom…take that #newhighnewlow”. That’s classic right there, folks, and someone awesome like Scout Willis can only pull it off.

Rumer’s just as cool in her I-don’t-give-two-f-cks way, and even though lots of people think she’s completely fug because of her “man-jaw,” I think she’s actually smoking hot and pretty damn fierce, too.

Tallulah’s got a ways to go, but she’s still young, guys. The height of her doings lately has been cigarette-smoking and tattoo-getting, but there’s still so much promise there, and I greatly look forward to what girl’s going to do in the coming years. Especially with all that white wine she drinks.

No, I’ve got a good feeling about these girls – Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah. They’re going to be pretty big in the coming days, and I’m saying right now that these are three chicks we’re going to want to watch – closely.

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Of Course Taylor Momsen Makes Out With Female Pornstars

You know, I’ve never seen Taylor perform with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Then again, I’ve never seen Taylor Momsen do anything in public in person, so maybe that’s a little extra-why this video surprised me, but at the same time, didn’t surprise me at all. At the :23 mark, you have Taylor whipping her extra-long, extra-stringy, extra-blonde hair around like she’s riding the wrong side of a stripper pole (but really, is there ever really a wrong side?) and from there, the video only gets worse. No, really: it gets worse.

At the :32 mark, Taylor turns around to face the crowd and has a sloppy, lazy, smeared-lipstick smile on that positively screams “HEROIN!” That, and who cut her bangs? Girlfriend’s probably got a fair amount of money that she hasn’t frittered away on trying to look like an albino Marilyn Manson, and she’s cutting her own damn bangs? It’s obvious. I’ve been there. But I have an excuse. I’m a reclusive writer. I’m paranoid about people bringing scissors to my face. OK, that’s a lie. I’m actually too lazy to make a damn hair appointment, alright? That’s the truth.

At :49. The dude in the audience waving around the Devil Horns. Or is that the Shocker? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a lady with sausages for fingers maybe. Whatever.

After that it gets pretty boring and I may have dozed off until the : mark. That, or the heavy-duty pain meds are making me zone out. Please don’t make me watch it again; I just can’t do it. Anyway, somewhere around the three-minute mark, Taylor’s friend, Jenna Haze (AKA “female pornstar”) makes a stage appearance and does a standing lapdance for Taylor, which might have actually been kind of hot-ish if she weren’t wearing a big, baggy t-shirt. At one point, they kiss. Gross. Doesn’t Taylor know what kind of stuff was in that chick’s mouth?

In short? This video makes me want to die, and if Taylor’s intention was … well, that, when composing the same-name song, then it was a total f-cking win, alright? GIRL WHO F-CKS FOR SATAN, 1; SARAH, 0.