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Kelsey Grammer’s Insane Custody Request

Picture of Kelsey Grammer and his Son Mason with Ex-Wife Camille [PHOTOS]

As we all know, Kelsey and Camille Grammer are dunzo, but what’s going to happen to their two young children? If Kelsey has his way, it’s going to be one of the most untraditional (in a totally bad way) custody agreements I’ve ever heard of.

Camille said publicly that Kelsey seemed to be interested in splitting their two children up, with him taking their 6-year-old son to live in Chicago and leaving his 9-year-old daughter behind in California. While Kelsey initially denied that he ever said this (because who in their right mind would publicly admit to favoring one of his children and leaving the other behind to live with her mother) but now there’s legal proof that this is the arrangement Kelsey’s hoping for.

From TMZ:

The letter, dated April 29, 2011, says “Kelsey proposes … Kelsey shall have primary physical custody of Jude and Camille shall have primary physical custody of Mason.”  The letter says Kelsey wants to enroll 6-year-old Jude in a Chicago school.

So there you have it. Frasier is an asshole and I’d like to start a pool on when we think young Mason is going to wind up in the slammer for the first time. I’m guessing like, 3 weeks before his 18th birthday? Drug charges, perhaps?

Was Joe Jonas Too Fat to Play Spiderman?

This video of a Paramount exec calling up Joe Jonas to tell him that he didn’t land the role of Spiderman due to his set of particularly thick thighs has been floating around the ‘nets today, and while I don’t think it’s real (just a very good impression), I can’t help but laugh knowing that this is exactly how such matters are handled in this town.

Well, it’s actually not exactly how they’d be handled. Normally a call like this would go to a manager and then the manager would have to break the news to their client that they’re a little too bottom heavy to make the cut, but the passive-aggressive tone? The semi-ass kissing? The “I’m too busy for this but hey! It’s Joe Jonas!” attitude? Oh, that is SO VERY Hollywood.

Let’s just celebrate the idea that we may have gotten the Gift of Garfield because a certain JoBro hasn’t been doing his squats, okay?

Katy Perry Has Figured Out Another Way to Ruin Our Lives

Photo of Katy Perry and Her High Ponytail

So apparently Katy Perry wants to get into acting and is being considered for a role in her hubby’s newest flick where she’d be playing– wait for it– his wife. Wowza, Katy. Way to stretch yourself for your first role. Some actresses would have made the “mistake” of playing a character with depth, one that totally pulls them away from their public image, but you, girl… You’re just different.

Her acting is going to be a shitshow. I’ve been saying for years that her overly dramatic facial expressions need to go. It’s as if she went to the Jenny McCarthy School of Actoring (yes, actoring) with those wide eyes and opened mouth and hiccup-y vocals. I rarely say such things about another woman, but the girl needs to calm down. That stuff will never translate to the big screen because a movie’s not a high school play and we’re not sitting in the cheap seats.

Here’s hoping she and her furry husband can hire her an acting coach. Maybe they can hire her handlers a tutor while they’re throwing money at bettering themselves.