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Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Getting Back Together?

miley cyrus liam hemsworth

The tears of Smilers worldwide still haven’t dried after Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger called it quits, but it seems like Miley has already started to move on. According to some new reports, she’s been getting close with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth again, and a reunion could be on the way.

“They’ve been hanging out in L.A., but only a few people know,” a source close to the Hunger Games actor, 25, who slipped a 3.5-carat Neil Lane sparkler on Cyrus’ finger in 2012, tells US Weekly. “Dating could definitely happen.”

Credit 22-year-old Cyrus’ can’t-stop, won’t-stop persistence. Following their September 2013 split, “Liam cut her off, but she would still text him,” adds a second source. “He eventually started answering. They would check in on each other here and there.”

Still, the Australian hunk is proceeding with caution. After all, a Cyrus romance takes twerk. “Liam has rough stories about that relationship,” says the Hemsworth insider. “But he always talks about how fun she was to hang out with and their great chemistry.”

I mean, look – Miley has started to mellow out a bit, it seems. Sure, she’s still posting half-naked pics on Instagram, but she’s not twerking on every available surface and publicly insisting how badass she is at every available opportunity. And while these “reports” are likely 100% shite, I have to say, I sorta don’t think Miley and Liam need to go there again. It ended for a reason, and they’re two entirely different kinds of people.

Liam seems like the kinda dude who just wants to like, chill and settle down, maybe do some surfing or go out for sushi. Miley wants to drop acid and have an orgy. The two don’t really combine… but who knows? Crazier things have happened.

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Kate Middleton Could Be Induced Any Time Now

kate middleton

It seems like only yesterday that Clarence House was announcing that Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting their second child. After several shitty months of insane morning sickness (and that’s putting it lightly) and several months of… nothing else, really, it seems the arrival of the second royal baby is imminent, and Kate could be induced any moment now!

“It varies but I would say it’s usually offered around 12 days,” Jane Munro, midwife and advisor at the Royal College of Midwives, tells PEOPLE. “The baby may be getting big and the placenta functions less well after that time.” 

Kate’s due date was always said to be “mid- to late April”, so she’s hardly late, so chances are they’ll just wait this out. After all, as of Tuesday, she was still driving around, taking George to swim at Kensington Palace’s indoor pool. Either way, her medical team has been checking out St. Mary’s hospital in London, where Kate will give birth, and trying to make sure everything’s in order for when it all goes down.

If you think I’m joking about what a major deal this is (and you’re from America, where there’s royal family fascination, but not quite like in Britain), here’s a link to The Mirror’s LIVE COVERAGE of the days leading up to the baby’s delivery. Glad to see they weren’t taking any chances. People are literally camped out outside the hospital – media AND fans. Yikes.

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Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex Wants Custody (Or Just Money)

rosie o'donnell michelle rounds

Earlier this year, Rosie O’Donnell and wife Michelle Rounds decided to end their marriage after a little less than three years together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things are going to end peacefully, because Michelle has applied for full custody of their daughter Dakota – a movie Rosie’s people say is all about money.

From TMZ:

Rosie O’Donnell is fighting back against her estranged wife, and sources connected with Rosie say the wife is going for full custody of their daughter for one reason … money.

Michelle Rounds is filing legal docs Tuesday, asking for full custody of their 2-year-old daughter Dakota. Michelle’s lawyer told the New York Post full custody is necessary to protect the child’s “general welfare.”

But our Rosie sources are scoffing, saying that the couple has a prenup and this is nothing more than a money play, adding Rosie is a “devoted mother” and her parenting skills and dedication are well-documented.

The sources say Michelle is trying to hit Rosie where it hurts the most so she’ll open her wallet. One source says, “Michelle can’t even raise a dog … she’s given multiple dogs away.”

Well, that’s always nice, having your kids caught between petty ass adults. Definitely a great lesson to teach them. Of course, if Rounds is motivated – as her lawyer claims – by wanting to protect the best interest of the children, then that’s one thing. But Dakota isn’t Rosie’s only child – far from it. Clearly Rounds doesn’t doubt Rosie’s skills as a parent, so what gives?

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Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Harry Styles Is Making Calvin Harris Jealous

harry styles taylor swift calvin harris

This is a story straight out of some Livejournal user’s fanfic, but let’s go with it. As you know, Taylor Swift is apparently dating Calvin Harris right now. While Calvin is a grown ass man and doesn’t really need to worry about Taylor ever being unfaithful, since that’s not really her bag, he’s apparently feeling super jealous about Harry Styles, since Taylor told Calvin that she had been occasionally hooking up with him until recently. Say whaaaat?

“He’s not usually the jealous type, but Taylor’s history with Harry has Calvin’s back up big-time, because he knows how charming Harry can be and what an impact he had on Taylor,” the source told OK!

The source added that Taylor “came clean” about the fact she and Harry were still hooking up “until recently” though they split back in 2013, and Calvin “appreciated her honesty.”

However, that’s not stopped the DJ from being a macho man about the whole love triangle, though he’s secretly worried he could be second rate in comparison to the One Direction star.

There’s no doubt he’s threatened,” the insider added. “He’s made Harry aware in no uncertain terms that he needs to stop sniffing around Taylor and to stay the f*** away.”

I mean, this entire story from start to finish is horseshit, but let’s pretend we believe it and talk logically here. I can buy that Calvin Harris would be jealous of Harry Styles, just in like, the grand scheme of the world. Harry’s seen as some sex god/heartthrob, and Calvin is a former fat kid (self-described) who got hot because he had something to prove to the world. In other words, it sure doesn’t come naturally to him. However, when it comes to Taylor, he barely even likes her anyway, so his getting territorial over her seems… eh, a bit unnecessary.

I like Calvin’s music, but I really REALLY am not into him and Taylor as a couple. I hope this one ends quickly so we can move on to Single Taylor status again, since she’s most enjoyable.

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Hilary Duff Is Talking To 9 Guys On Tinder Right Now

hilary duff tinder

Hilary Duff only made her divorce from Mike Comrie official a couple of months ago, but they’d been split for a while, so it’s no wonder she’s single and ready to mingle… and apparently taking to Tinder to find dudes. In fact, she’s enjoying the experience and is apparently talking to multiple guys at once right now.

From MyFM’s Valentine in the Morning:

“I was sitting with my friends one night at the house, and we were joking around,” she explained. “In my life, I’ve always had really serious boyfriends, I’ve always met people through work, and I’ve never been on a blind date. So what’s the worst that’s gonna happen?” (Tempting fate there, Hil!)

She went on to chat about her experience so far, calling the whole process “wildly addicting.” And productive, it seems!

“I’m talking to probably about…nine guys right now,” the mom to Luca, 3, told Valentine. “Some people don’t know [who I am], I think some people act like they don’t know but they do, and then a lot of people are like, ‘This is a joke, right?’”

I mean, hey – whatever works for you. Though frankly, I can’t particularly see her taking this experience seriously, considering that if she’s got a picture of herself on her profile (which, you know, is kinda the point of Tinder), guys are either going to not believe it’s actually her, or they’ll believe it and they’ll only be interested in her because of who she is. It’s gotta be hard to meet “normal” people when you’re in Hollywood, but Hilary, this is not the way!

Would you swipe right or left or Hilary Duff?

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Nick Gordon Is Out Of Rehab, Apparently

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina

It seems like only yesterday that Nick Gordon was boo-hooing and famewhoring on Dr. Phil,  playing the victim and acting like the entire world is against him and he’s so hard done by. This was bull shit, of course, but off he trotted to rehab in last month, and now he’s out and apparently cured of all his maladies (or not).

Nick Gordon has ended his stint in rehab, a source tells PEOPLE.

The boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown is now back home and staying with his mother, Michelle Gordon, the source says.

Well, that’s… conclusive. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked out because he’s pretending to miss Bobbi Kristina too much or because he thinks long enough time has elapsed for the world to have forgotten that he just may be involved in what happened to Bobbi Kristina… Let’s hope that investigation continues.

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Zac Efron Goes Nearly Nude Just For You

zac efron naked

And now, something for the ladies (and the gentlemen who are so inclined). Zac Efron has been busy filming his upcoming movie, Dirty Grandpa (sounds… interesting), in LA this week, and he had to strip down to nearly nothing. Nothing besides nude briefs that basically left zero to the imagination. Zac’s smart, however, since he covered up his modesty as best he could.

Dirty Grandpa stars Robert De Niro as an ex-army grandpa (duh) who convinces his grandson to go on a bachelor party/boys gone wild trip with him. The results, as you can see, are… nude.

What do you think? Would you give Efron a go?

zac efron butt 2

zac efron butt

zac efron outfit

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