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Photoshop Award of the Day


Did Andy Roddick get pumped up by Men’s Fitness? Andy is in amazing shape…I have seen him play in person and he is hot and foxy but not that buff. Perhaps he has been lifting a lot of weights but usually tennis players don’t bring the guns like Andy is here.

His head also looks like it is pasted onto someone else’s body. It is really weird to be perfectly honest. I gotta say really the body looks hot but this is not my beloved Andy, and if it is…wowza…he got even hotter!

How Did Jordin Get to the Finals?


Now that Jordin Sparks is in the “American Idol” finals a few people are questioning her rise to fame. Some have started to question if the producers helped her along her way and essentially set up to eventually make it into the finale.

Her first meeting with Simon was not at her Seattle audition. She also has won a few competitions leading up to her Idol experiences that were sponsored by Coke and Ford (Idol’s biggest sponsors).

This article outlines her road to the Idol finals. Thought it doesn’t cry foul at the outset it does bring up some interesting points.

Sparks won Coke’s rising star award in 2004. The power of a huge sponsor is undeniable, but no actual connection between Coke and Idol with regards to Sparks has been established, so this point is more conspiracy buff fodder than the type of tidbit that sounds alarms.

Another item that has been highlighted is the fact that Jordin Sparks won the local FOX-sponsored Arizona Idol contest. The grand prize for that contest was a Ford Fusion (another huge Idol sponsor), and a trip to Seattle to audition. Some folks, especially paranoid ones, are taking this to mean that Sparks sidestepped the auditoriums full of hopefuls to get an audience with Randy, Simon, and Paula.

Of course she didn’t audition in the auditorium. Even if she didn’t go directly to Simon and Paula I’m almost 100% sure that every producer knew to put her through to Simon/Paula day.

I’m guessing she will win, and maybe she was set up for it but I think that she deserves it. She is from Arizona, which is awesome in my book (and the Beet’s as well) and she has been pounding the pavement for her big break for a few years now. AZCentral has a great article also about her as well.

Go Jordin! I am a Blaker Girl myself but I think that Jordin deserves the crown, no matter how she got here.