Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Take it to the Bridge

Even though I no longer write for the Beet I often send the Beet weird stuff I find on the internet because my brief blogging career lead to a bit of an internet gossip addiction. To add fuel to the fire I got an iPhone from my new job that I mainly use to constantly refresh Evil Beet Gossip, sorry work. It is a problem I tell you…until Beet goes out of town and and I can share some of my love with you…

I never introduced myself properly to y’all because I am actually in the field of entertainment and have shamelessly used some of my friends as tips. Oops. If you care, however, who my celebrity “twin” is, check out the video below. Seriously, I think I may during my free time today write “Evil Beet the Musical.”

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Dannielynn Set for Life


Dannielynn, Anna Nicole’s baby with Larry Birkhead, is now officially the heir to Anna’s fortune. If the pending case for J. Howard Marshall’s money ends up going Anna’s way, all of that money will then go to Dannielynn. That case is still tied up.

Dannielynn so far has two crazy daddies, cross eyes and will never be able to escape the media glare. I guess this is the booby prize for being famous before you can talk.

Booty for Your Tuesday


Kate Hudson shows off her booty in a very cute red bikini. I was really taken by her butt because she gained like seriously 60 pounds when she had her baby. How she managed get back into high school girl shape is just shocking.

I’m seriously taken my this booty. I’m sure Owen Wilson is enjoying it these days.