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Bobby Flay (Sorta) Denies Cheating On Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Stephanie March

bobby flay stephanie march

Last week, celebrity chef and noted ginger dickhead Bobby Flay announced that he and wife and Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March had separated and planned to divorce. The cause of that divorce was never made public, unsurprisingly, but there have been plenty of reports that Flay’s inability to keep it in his pants was a major cause. In fact, according to Page Six, he’d actually been carrying on a three year affair with his assistant Elyse Tirrell. His response? Well, he’s not going to respond!

Flay’s rep tells PEOPLE: “We will continue to refrain from responding to the continued efforts by certain parties to spread rumors and innuendo.”

“This specific allegation was in a letter sent from one attorney in this case to the other,” the rep continued. “It was written and then leaked specifically to try to insert this story into the press, and that’s unfortunate. Even more unfortunate is that all of this is being done in order to renegotiate a pre-nuptial agreement that was agreed to over a decade ago and never amended during the marriage.”

Uh, I’m gonna go ahead and say this is true. Flay is noted for being an absolute P.O.S. and this isn’t the first story of this kind that’s been out there. I also don’t really think he’s that great of a chef, though Bar Americain is pretty nice.

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Meryl Streep Funding Lab For Female Screenwriters Over 40

meryl streep

Meryl Streep is basically the best living actress on this planet. I know that’s a massive statement to make, but one I feel totally comfortable with. She’s incredibly talented, and that’s an understatement. She’s also fascinating as a human being. The few times I’ve attended press conferences with her, I just found myself completely enthralled with watching her speak, watching her mind tick as she carefully measures out her words… she’s just amazing. Now that I’m done gushing, however, I’ve gotta tell you about another awesome thing she’s done: she just announced that she’s funding a screenwriting lab for female writers over the age of 40.

From Variety:

The creation of the lab, and Streep’s involvement in its founding, was announced Sunday at a panel discussion presented as part of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Called the Writers Lab, the screenplay development program aims to increase opportunities for female screenwriters over the age of 40. This year the initiative will accept submissions May 1-June 1, with eight winning scribes named Aug. 1.

Among the mentors to participate in the Lab’s inaugural year are writer-director Gina Prince-Bythewood (“Beyond the Lights”), producer Caroline Kaplan (“Boyhood”), and writers Kirsten Smith (“Legally Blonde”) and Jessica Bendinger (“Bring It On”).

According to NYWIFT, Streep ponied up a “significant” contribution to fully fund the Lab. The actress has been a longtime supporter of NYWIFT.

The Writers Lab will take place at a retreat in upstate New York.

Excellent! Especially in Hollywood, not only are the opportunities for women much lower than those available to men, but women over 40 might as well forget it. So glad she’s decided to put some money and resources into nurturing new talent. Just another reason to love her!

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Rihanna Went Shopping For 4/20 Snacks

rihanna smoking

Have you looked at the calendar? Are you aware of what day it is? I left my stoner days behind a long ass time ago, but Rihanna is still going strong with her love for Mary Jane, and she took a few friends for some pre-holiday prep. And by that I mean, they bought a shit ton of snacks to eat while they’ve got the munchies, obviously. They didn’t come out and say that in the video, but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here:

I mean, hey – at least it’s not cocaine, right? I’ve got no idea where the hell they are – it almost looks like a hotel shop, which it could very well be. It also seems like they’ve closed it down while RiRi and her friends are in there, which is the biggest perk of being a celebrity. I don’t need any tourists crowding the narrow ass aisles while I’m trying to get those Oreos on the bottom shelf!

Anyway, happy 4/20, y’all!


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Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Went To Coachella

khloe tyga kylie

The last weekend of Coachella just finished, and it wouldn’t be the same if all the celebs didn’t come out to play. Take, for instance, some of the biggest celebrities in the world – Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. They went! Oh, and Kylie’s grown man boyfriend, Tyga. He was there, too. We know all this because they had to publicize their exploits on Instagram. Can we talk about what the hell was happening with Kylie’s hair, please??? I mean, don’t even get me started on the outfit, either.

kylie jenner 2

kylie jenner

kylie kendall

I don’t even think anyone in this family is a legit music fan, so clearly going to a music festival was just another chance for them to get press. It worked!

Meanwhile, this is what Kourtney was up to over in Las Vegas…


I just… okay. Just okay.

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Bobby Brown Tells Crowd “Bobbi Kristina Is Awake”

bobbi kristina bobby brown

Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma since January 31, when she was found face down in her Atlanta home’s bathtub. We pretty much know by now that she will never recover or awaken — her organs don’t want to function on their own and chances are, she sustained some pretty irreparable brain damage during the ordeal. While I completely respect the family’s refusal to let her go just yet, I do think it’s pretty weird that Bobby Brown performed a concert this weekend and told fans that Bobbi is awake… kinda?

From TMZ:

Bobby Brown stunned his audience during a concert Saturday night, when he told the crowd, “Bobbi is awake.  She’s watching me.”

It’s unclear what Brown is really saying.  On the one had, if you take the first comment at face value it seems he’s saying Bobbi Krisina is out of the coma she’s been in since January 31st.

But when Bobby says, “She’s watching me,” it makes it sound like something other than consciousness.

Bobby made the comment at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.

I think we can all agree that Bobbi is not “awake” in the literal sense of the world. The Houston family would be shouting that from the rooftops in joy if that were the case. Obviously he was being figurative and must feel like Bobbi is acting as his angel or watching OVER him.

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Debut Baby Silas

justin timberlake jessica biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Silas, earlier this month. We all wanted to know what he looked like (didn’t we?) and luckily, we haven’t had to wait for long, since Justin posted a photo to his Instagram page this weekend.

You ready for this?

The Timberlakes are ready!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

HOW CUTE IS HE? Awwww. Love it! These three make a cute family, I think.

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Zayn Malik Won An Award


Zayn Malik quit One Direction and has since released a shitty Bon Iver-eqsue track, but now he can add one more thing to his list of post-One Direction achievements — he’s won an award! And in addition to thanking his parents, he thanked One Direction, so I’m guessing he wasn’t kicked out of the band as rumors have suggested.

He was given the Outstanding Achievement in Music honor at the Asian Awards in London. After thanking his parents for, “making me Asian,” he then directed his speech (see what I did there?) towards his former bandmates, saying,

I’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I ever met while being in the band and doing all the amazing things that I did. Some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I thank you for that. Here’s to the future!

So there you go, sounds like everything is fine. You can see him get the award in this video from TMZ via Huffington Post:

Personally, I don’t know much about One Direction but it’s pretty clear to me that the star of that band is Harry Styles anyway.

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