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Barack Obama celebrates Malia on July 4th bday


He’s the coolest president to ever take office.  You have to assume his kids think hes pretty cool too.

Barack and Michelle’s eldest daughter Malia turned 20 on July 4th.  So while celebrating the day, they took time to celebrate the babe.  Or as Michelle said in her book,  “one of the two most perfect babies ever to be born to anyone”.

On Monday, Mrs. Obama shared a photo of her and a baby Malia, writing: “24 years ago, this day became extra special when your wonderful spirit arrived in this world. I’m so proud of the beautiful, caring, and driven young woman you’ve become. I love you so, so much! Love, your Mommy.”



The former president, meanwhile, shared a sweet snap of the two when Malia was just a baby, writing: “Happy birthday, Malia! No matter how sophisticated, accomplished, beautiful, and gracious a young woman you’ve become—you’ll always be my baby. And I will always be here to lift you up.”