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Britney Spears gets 3 year restraining order against ex husband

Last week was Britney Spears’ dream wedding, but one person wasn’t all that happy about it. Her kooky ex husband, Jason Alexander, showed up and managed to get on her property.

I don’t mean to make light, because this was a serious situation.  Jason was one of the maniacs at the Jan 6th Capital riot and when he showed up to Brits he was carrying a knife.

TMZ has reported Jason was hit with a felony stalking charge and he cannot contact or bother the singer in any capacity for at least the next 3 years.  He also has to surrender any guns he owns.

He was booked for trespassing, vandalism and battery, for which he could possibly enter a plea Monday. And, he still has another case against him from Northern California … where he’s alleged to have committed grand theft.