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The Simpsons Featuring First Deaf Voice Actor

In the last few years The Simpsons have gotten a little more woke with their characters.  They put Apu in the background for a more modern and realistic depiction of an Indian American and they took a hard lean into roasting Trump.

So of course it’s time to start getting the deaf community involved!

Deaf voice actor John Autry II will star as well we’ll see the first use of American Sign Language to be seen on the show.

Sunday’s upcoming episode of the long-running cartoon, titled “The Sound of Bleeding Gums,” will follow Lisa Simpson as she chases down the deaf son of her favorite saxophone player, Bleeding Gums Murphy, to help him get a cochlear implant.

Sequences of ASL will be shown throughout the episode, and Autry will voice the character of Monk, marking the first time a deaf actor has voiced any character on the show in its almost 33-year history.

I’m 100% there.