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Pete Davidson cancels trip to space

It’s been a busy week for Pete Davidson.  In the last four days he’s had his life vaguely threatened in a Kanye video, he had a text get exposed where he told Kanye he’s in bed with his wife, and he apparently branded (not tattoo’d, burned into his flesh) Kim’s name on his body.  Something she revealed on Ellen.

Oh and he’s going into space.  That is, he WAS going into space.

Pete was one of six well connected people going up into space on Jeff Bezos’ penis rocket (see pic, left). But late last night, Blue Origin announced they would be replacing Pete from the March 23 space ride.

No reason why he isn’t going was given.  Just that he “is no longer able to join the NS-20 crew on this mission.”

Pete was going to go with investor Marty Allen, SpaceKids Global founder Sharon Hagle, her husband and Tricor International CEO Mark Hagle, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen and Commercial Space Technologies President George Nield.

Blue Origin will name the replacement in the coming days.