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Brooklyn Decker Got super sick from underwire bra


Like we ladies needed even one more reason to ditch underwire! Well this is it.

Brooklyn Decker is telling folks she nearly got severe mastitis from the bra wire. Mastitis is when the breast tissue gets infected and it clogs up milk ducts.

“What I didn’t realize until I had mastitis — eight months postpartum with a 104 fever, it was horrible — what I didn’t realize which I should’ve known is that underwire bras can cause mastitis and can affect milk production and all that,” says the 34-year-old, who is mom to son Hank, 6, and daughter Stevie, 4, with husband Andy Roddick.

Decker, who has teamed up with Bodily, a resource for all things women’s bodies and maternal health, says that at the time, she was shooting and “in production so [she] was wearing proper undergarments under costumes and they were like this late in the game that causes mastitis.”

“You have underwire sitting on a duct and it can turn badly,” she said.

DITCH THAT UNDERWIRE!!! Seemless bras are so much more comfortable anyway.