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God help us, The Octomon kids are Teens!

You must remember Octomon!  Octomom, aka Natalie Suleman, was the mother of 6 kids when she became pregnant with 8 more!

There were all kinds of problems both with her pregnancie. Including the fact that she was a single 21 year old woman who managed to pay for IVF to have each of her kids.

Then in 2008, Dr. Michael Kamrava — who was ultimately stripped of his medical license, and has since moved out of the United States — implanted 12 embryos in the mother, resulting in the birth of eight babies.

In an effort to get money, Octo did everything she could think of from welfare frauds, stripping, and even porn.

Suleman, who has a bachelor’s degree in child development, went on to find work as a counselor and has since tried to “kill” off the Octomom identity.

“When I walked, or shall I say ran away, from my Octomom persona,” she told ITV in 2019, “I went right back into my healthy lifestyle that I’ve always had my whole life.”

Now those kids are officially 13 and in a few years she’ll have a billion in college fees lol. jk. But congrats to all for making it out of the fire!

(the below pic is from their 11th bdays, but closest I could find)