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Disturbing new details in ‘Rust’ shooting


There have been a number of red flags coming out after the shooting on the Alec Baldwin film ‘Rust’, but this is directly related to the gun fired.

According to an unnamed crew member (who spoke with People mag) armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed was careless and too relaxed with the weapons she was in charge of.

A photo provided (below) shows guns, halsters and ammunitions left alone on set.  Allowing anyone around the opportunity to touch and or fiddle with the stuff and possibly unintentionally causing them to not work properly.

“There’s a lot of times where her little cart that has her weapons — I’ve been on other shoots where they’re very safe and professional,” the crew member says. “No one handles those weapons but the armorer and they keep them safe … She just had them on a cart, unattended sometimes where anybody could grab it, tamper with it.”

Why didn’t they say anything? “Because,” said the crew member, it’s “set etiquette” to “stay in your lane” and “not to say anything.”

This just continues to get worse and worse.

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