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Tiktoker Bryce Hall hit with assault lawsuit

Bryce Hall is a Tiktok star who is best known for dating Addison Rae and for trying to match Logan Paul’s level of douchiness.

But this past spring, the tryhard dude was eating with friends at Cinco restaurant in Los Angeles when owner Hernan Fernando asked him to stop vapping.  Bryce says he did stop and politely asked for his credit card to leave.  I dont’ buy it.

The owner claims that Bryce threw a fit hurling insults at the Hispanic owner that went from rude to racist, mocking Fernando’s spanish accent and calling him a ‘wetback’.  The owner says it then got physical and even jumped on his back and choked him.

Now, the restaurant owner is asking a judge to order Bryce Hall to pay him $100,000 for “pain and suffering — another $100,000 for “emotional distress” and the monster amount of $469,882 for “punitive damages.” In all, after adding up the medical expenses and other costs, the restaurant owner is looking for over $700,000 from the social media star.

I’m all in on this. These teen sensations get so much so fast they stop feeling like they need to have respect for anyone and only demand it.