Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Matt Lauer was chilling with his girlfriend with his ex-wife nearby

So I wasn’t even aware Matt Lauer found a new woman to love his crazy ass, but then again he’s still wealthy and having a place in the Hamptons can go real far in certain circles.

And this isn’t a new relationship.  Matt has been dating Shamin Abas for two years now, but he’s known the business woman for 15 years “as friends”.  wink wink.

But how awkward to show up at one of your lily white Hampton parties with said gf on arm, only to find the wife who divorced you in disgrace chilling just a few feet away.

The country set event could have really turned ugly, but we’re told (by page six) that the two managed to avoid each other the entire afternoon.

Pics courtesy of Page 6.