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Jamie Lee Curtis says her daughter is transgender

Jamie Lee Curtis has spoken openly about her experience watching her son transition to a woman.  Stating that she and husband, Christopher Guest,  ‘have watched in wonder and pride as our son’ — who was previously known as Thomas — ‘became our daughter Ruby.’

She said this in AARP magazine. Can we just focus on that for a second? We’ve come along way when not only can trans life be casually discussed in a boomer magazine, but it’s not even on the mags cover page! They didn’t bait with it!

Curtis also revealed that Ruby is planning to get married next year and Jamie Lee will officiate.

Ruby, 25, is a computer gaming editor, and Curtis and Guest also have a 34-year-old daughter, Annie, who is a dance instructor.

Curtis didn’t say whether Ruby is marrying man or woman, though in 2019 Ruby shared a photo with a girlfriend. Mazel Tov!

(below is Ruby, pretrans and girlfriend, unknown)