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Ben and Jlo recreate 2002 music video booty love

I’ve made no secret of my devotion to BenLo 2.0, so it might come as a surprise that I’m gonna have to ask the two of them to slow their roll a bit.

It’s the hamming up to the paps, for me.

Waaay back on 2002, when Ben and Jen were the hottest thing going, the world was still captivated by what it considered a giant plump rump.  Seriously, remember how at one time Jlo’s but was considered almost freakishly large?  Now it doesn’t even show up on radar.

Anyway, the two shot a scene for Jen’s ‘Jenny From The Block’ video and Ben planted his hand firmly on Jen’s tuchus. (that’s yiddish for ass, if you didn’t know)  And I remember the shock of the moment was because people were like “omg he tolerates that big ass!”

Now they’re at it again on a $130m mega yacht they rented in St Tropez because the rich do everything on a scale unimaginable to regular folk.

Slow it down, kids.  We don’t need you playing up your love for us.  It just makes the headlines crueler when it all goes up in flames.

Ben and Jen in St Tropez this week


Ben and Jen in St Tropez this week


Ben and Jen in “Jenny From The Block”