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Britney Spears was spotted with Bf wearing engagement ring?

Britney Spears was seen out getting coffee with her beau, Sam Asghari, and there’s a new piece of bling on her ring finger.

In photos obtained by DailyMail, Spears is scene reaching out her car for her whip topped iced latte with a honker of a diamond in plain sight.

Brit seems to be walking the talk after spending the weekend essentially telling her parents, sister and fair weather fans to go fuck themselves.

In one post Britney shared a dancing video with the caption: ‘May the Lord wrap your mean a*s up in joy today… this is Bad Guy part 2 … same song new dance… if you don’t like it … don’t watch it!!!!!’

I love it. All of it. If they wont let her free, she’ll work around them~!