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Beastie Boys do tribute to Biz Markie

People don’t realize the signifagance of certain entertainers in the 80’s.  They were purpose filled, entertaining, flashes in the pan.   But Biz Markie was not simply a one hit.

Biz wasn’t afraid of chill shit.

In a super recent interview the Beastie Boys’ Mike D said, “He smiled ear to ear as he put on Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’ and sang along at top volume with his headphones on — so excited that he’d soon be able to do this all over again on his flight!”

“Biz was a completely unique musician. No one else could beatbox, making beats and grooves and sounds the way he did,” Mike D, born Michael Diamond, wrote on the band’s Facebook page Saturday.

“He was all inclusive the way hip-hop can be at its best moments. It’s also important to note that the Biz was not just a rapper or a record maker but a true entertainer.”