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Comedy Cellar owner wont let Cosby play there


It should be noted that no one, including those in Bill Cosby’s camp, asked to play the famous Comedy Celler in Manhattan.   That said, there’s no reason TO ask now.

The Greenwich Village comedy spot has hosted heavy hitters like Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and Chris Rock is going on record when it comes to the recently released drugging rapest.

Club owner Noam Dworman — who let Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. perform in 2018 after their respective sexual-misconduct scandals — said he won’t book Cosby in the beloved, brick-lined basement venue because Cellar audiences wouldn’t support it.

Dworman explained that he is drawing the line on Cosby because the accusations against the former TV star were far worse than anything Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. allegedly did.

“Comparing Bill Cosby to these other guys is absurd,” Dworman said, adding that the other two comics were not charged with a crime.  I’ll go one further and say Aziz did NOTHING.

Still, Cosby is sadly going to find plenty of places to host him.  Philly alone is filled with clubs who still respect him. gross.