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iCarly staff responds to racism aimed at some cast


I was so excited to hear the cast of iCarly was back together and getting shows produced. Of course the cast was short one beloved character from the first series.  Carly’s BFF, Sam Pucket, played by Jeannette McCready.

McCready has been very open about her struggles with fame, acting and being unfulfilled in the business and chose not to return.   In the wake of her absence came Laci Mosley who plays Carly’s new BFF, Millicent. Who is a black actress that Paramount hopes will bring some needed diversity to the show.

Over the weekend Laci was attacked online by racist so she shared a video addressing the messages as she said: ‘Hey I’m playing Harper on iCarly, I’m not replacing Sam. Jennette McCurdy is a wonderful person, I’ve never met her but it’s no shade.   Get the f*** out of my comments with this f***ing racist a** bulls**. You will be blocked and you will never see me again honey.’


Naturally Paramount and the iCarly people responded in typical lily white fashion.

‘iCarly are proud to be racially diverse, not only in our crew but in our cast. We have recently seen reports of racism towards a member of our iCarly cast, and it is not acceptable!

‘Please think about your words and take time to understand what you say can impact other people. Thank you.’

Hopefully the bad taste will clear out by June 17th when the new season airs!


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