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New Poll shows British people want William to be next king

The Queen of England is 94 years old.  And still seems game for all her royal duties on a day to day basis.  But time what it is, there will be an end to her reign.  So who should take over?

Going by tradition the very next in line for the throne is the Queens first born son, Prince Charles.  But Charles himself is 72.  And much like in the US, a lot of people feel that’s just too out of touch to be in charge.

Which brings us to second in line, Duke of Cambridge, William.

In a poll done by Deltapoll, just 27% of Britons want the Prince of Wales to be king – compared to 47% for the Duke of Cambridge.

Amusingly, those aged 18 – 24 wanted Harry to bypass them both to take the throne, even though he’s like 6th in line.

Also noted, just over 40 per cent of people think the Queen should remain in her position until her death – while 27 per cent feel she should step down if she falls ill.

I can’t imagine that will inspire Charles to step aside seeing he’s waited 72 years for this honor, but I like that they’ll know how the masses feel.

courtesy of Deltapoll via Mirror.