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Netflix to pay $400m for TWO ‘Knives Out’ sequels

I can’t imagine who is doing the accounts receivable over at Netflix, but they need to maybe rein in the spending.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix was secretly part of a private auction with Amazon and Apple to vie for the rights to produce two follow ups to the hit film Knives Out.

Netflix out bid the others with a whopping $400m deal with Daniel Craig returning for both in the lead role of super sleuth Benoit Blanc.

The first film cost $40 million and turned in a global gross north of $311 million.  I’m not sure how they think sequels in the age of no theater will bring in the same numbers, but they know more than I do.

It gives Netflix a bonafide event film franchise for its slate. The first picture will begin shooting June 28 in Greece, and casting will begin immediately.