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Doja Cat buys really cool starter spot in Beverly Hills

Somehow to people out in California, anything under $4million or 4,000 square feet is a starter home. So under those crazy Hollywierd rules, lets look at Doja Cat’s started home in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

The folks at call it Boho Chic and you can see why.  The stunning midcentury home has clean white walls and steel appliances, but fresh wood tones and crunchy textures throughout.  Of course this furniture belongs to the original home owner, but the vibe of the house never leaves.

From the listing: The master features a walk in closet, dressing area; a sexy sap like bath with a modern cement soaking Japanese tub. Outdoor living space is right out of a 1950’s magazine w/various sitting areas and a sleek swimming pool.

Paid: $2,185,000   4 bedrooms, 2 baths,   2,404 sq ft

pics: redfin