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Jennifer Aniston explains the meaning behind ‘11 11’ tattoo

I ALWAYS wonder about tattoos on celebs.  Certainly there are plenty of celebs that just get inked to cover their body, but I find most people, myself included, get them with some sort of meaning.  I could read a whole website about it.  hmmm… note to self…

So Jenny Aniston has recently lifted the veil on that ’11 11′ tattoo tattoo, showing on Instagram that she shares the tattoo with her longtime bestie, Andrea Bendewald.

Bendewald originally shared the tattoo photo in her birthday post for Aniston on February 11, writing, “Can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11”

Jens Birthday is Feb 11th, but we’re not sure when Andrea’s is.   But it seems the shared tattoo is a combo of special dates for the two of them.



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